I was supposed to write this post on April Fools’ Day. You can see how well that went. I guess it works. I’m writing this two days after April Fools and giving it that title. See, I tricked you. What I don’t think major companies are doing anymore is trying to trick us. They have come out and said we are making toys for you. They no longer hide behind the “these are for kids” thing. They are serving generations of collectors and trying to do their best. The question is, will that be good enough as we reach the age where nostalgia starts to wane?

It was a great couple of weeks of announcements and streams. The Transformer’s team showed off a bunch of stuff we already knew about, but seeing the new Cybertronian Wheeljack was amazing. The Master’s team showed off an impressive New Eternia Horde Trooper. Star Wars came in strong with their Imperial March. Probably my favorite thing was finally getting Captain Enoch and his Night Troopers. While there were no official reveals for Joe, Lenny and Emily still name-dropped one of my favorite Joe for the Classified line. None other than the Barbecue, uh, I mean, Blowtorch.

But, I guess my best wasn’t good enough…Slick

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