How many things are you an expert at? Now, there will always be people who know more, but do you think you know more than the next hundred people? How about the next ten thousand or the next million people? I tend to dabble in a little bit of everything, so there are not too many things I consider myself an expert in. But attending cons is one of those things, from planning to navigating, seating, and even waiting in line. We just attended our biggest local con. It was amazing. We didn’t miss a single panel, hit every booth, saw a ridiculous amount of celebrities, and had a super-overpriced beer. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Indie companies have been flexing their expertise as of late. No longer relegated to just making 3rd party add-ons, these companies are now direct competitors to the big boys. Ramen’s new modular tank is simply amazing. Longtime Transformers 3rd party company Fans Hobby comes in swinging with a new Sky Hawkesque vehicle. Companies are even picking up new licenses like C.O.P.S. n’ Crooks. Some of the best stuff is comimg from forgotten trademarks that have been reimagined.

Trying to be an expert in everything, ends in being an expert in nothing…Slick

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