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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 150: Overshadowing…

Hey, we’re at 150 episodes! Mrs. McFavorite is back! I am absolutely ecstatic. How could it get any better? Well, the next show is our 10th ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it has been 10 years of talking toys? It has been and for some reason, it puts a little damper on my excitement for this […]

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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 149: So Close…

Man, so close to getting it under 2 hours. I had such a good feeling about this one. Show notes only took my 30 minutes, it was just two of us, and still breached that 120-minute mark. Granted, it’s all my fault, but man, so close. You know what else is close? Our 150th episode […]

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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 148: You Picked a Fine Time…

Timing is everything. I have some serious experience with bad timing, especially in the last couple of days. These instances are partly due to running late of which I am a maestro. However, it’s more about behavior in situations, called for or not. I don’t pretend to understand the finer implications or all acts in […]

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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 147: It’s About Time…

Sorry it’s been almost a month. Especially considering this is our SDCC 2018 show, it seems like that was an eternity ago. However, I think it was worth the wait. It was really important for the whole crew to represent on what is still the biggest event for action figure collectors in the world. Mutha […]

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Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 146: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…

So for over 30 years, I thought the quintessential vacation song from the GoGos went, “Vacation holiday I want it // Vacation had to get away.” It was only after double checking the lyrics for this post did I discover the correct version as reflected in the post title. I was originally going to talk […]

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