Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 000 Show Notes

1. Introduction

1.1.About the podcast and site

1.2.About you

1.3.What you collect

1.4.The future of the cast

2. Toy News premieres Stratos and post announcement about Classics postponed to December

"Dear MOTU Collectors,

I’m writing to let you know that I’ve just made my first really tough decision as Master Toy Collector of Mattel. In a nutshell, we have been forced to make a trade-off between shipping according to our announced schedule and getting our figures exactly right, and I’ve decided to go with quality over speed.

The issue is removable armor for the Masters of the Universe Classics line. As you know, these figures are meant to bring the classic 1980s MOTU toy line aesthetic into the modern era. But the technical challenge of having removable armor that still holds in place with the level of quality we expect from a collector line has proved very difficult. In order to stay on schedule, we briefly considered compromising by gluing the armor for He-Man and Beast Man in place. But I realize that you, the true MOTU collectors, would much rather have the figures done right than get them a few weeks earlier. Our engineers are now re-configuring the sculpts so that the armor attaches to each figure in a uniform plug on his back, so that the armor for almost every figure will be both removable and interchangeable.

So the bad news is both He-Man and Beast Man will now be available for purchase in December . The good news is not only will their armor be awesome, but we will release them on the same day, meaning you can save on shipping by buying both figures together.

I’m bummed we’ve had this delay, but I’m glad it’s given us a chance to show you where our priorities are.

Good Journey,

2.2.G.I. Joe Club SDCC Debacle

2.3.Tons of new pics for Transformers at TFW

2.4.Hasbro to begin Bi-Weekly Transformers Q&A due Oct. 6th (Siebertron and TFW)

2.5.Disney/Transformers Crossover?

2.6.Universal Prowl Repaint

Revealed first under the Club Magazine forum of , we have confirmation of the repaint of Universe Prowl toy into G1 Smokescreen.

It does look nice folks. Head over to take a look. (TFCC has politely requested that the pictures remain only on their site for the time being.)

2.7.Exo-Suit Spike – Impossible Toys (Quints and Spike and Sparkplug)

We have designed and scaled this item to fit perfectly with the G1 fans. The size of the Spike prototype is about 7-8 cm. We are currently working on finding the exact size we feel will be in line with the G1 toys. It also has wheels that will allow it to function and roll in alt mode. The item will be set for release late 2008 or sooner.

2.8.Transformers Universe “Special Editions”

Current up for pre-order at HasbroToyShop. After news of the Transformers Universe Special Edition subline surfaced yesterday, 2005 Boards member Fit for natalie pointed us towards this post on the Australian-based Ozformers board from August. Back in August, Hasbro Australia had confirmed that there would be some "Premium" exclusives in that country. As has now been reported, these "Premium" figures are labeled as the Universe Special Edition characters. The Hasbro Australia report from August also seems to suggest that a second wave next year may consist of Classics "Premium" Cliffjumper, a red Classics Mirage, and Nemesis Prime.

2.9.Transformers Animated Autobot Jetfire and Jetstorm Set

·Twin Transformers for twice the fun!

·Figures can combine and transform individually!

·Includes a DVD!

3. Store Report

3.1. Sightings

3.1.1. TRU Exclusives

While picking up TFU.

·Galactic Heroes Rancor and AT-TE – Cute?

·Universe Unicron – Liked the finger articulation, minicon

·Lars Family Homestead – Base and figure look really cheap

3.1.2.Target Exclusives

Picked up the Cobra Rattler and G.I. Joe Conquest (Wild Weasel looks awesome)

3.1.3.No sign of Walmart TFU exclusive 3-packs

3.2.In the Ads

3.2.1.Target $8 G.I.Joe Comic Packs

Destro & Iron Grenadier, Cobra Commander Vs. Tripwire and Lieutenant Falcon Vs. Nemesis Enforcer

3.2.2.TRU BTGO ($10.99) on Transformers Deluxe

Swoop, Jazz and Sentinnel

3.2.3.TRU BTO Lego (no Star Wars)

4. Online


4.1.1.G.I. Joe Club 4th and final wave of DTC Joes.

·DTC 3 3/4 Club Exclusive Airtight vs Cobra Officer (2 figures) $28.99

·DTC 3 3/4 Club Exclusive Outback vs Night Viper (2 figures) $28.99

·DTC 3 3/4 Club Exclusive Lt. Falcon vs Munitia and Python Control Copperhead (3 figures) $40.99

4.1.2.BBTS (Entertainment Earth and BBTS post same day) Legacy Comic 2 pack Wave 5 :

1x Darth Talon & Cade Skywalker
1x Leia in blue gown & Prince Xizor
1x Grand Admiral Thrawn & Talon Karrde
1x White Vader & Sniper Leia
2x Clone Emperor & Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
2x Commander Faie & Quinlan Vos in Jedi Robes Clone Wars Animated Wave 4

1x Clone Trooper (Orange)
1x Padme (white battle outfit)
1x Space Clone Trooper
1x Magna Guard Droid
1x R3-S6 (Goldie) G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figures Wave 13

1x Cobra Commander Resolute
2x Cobra Trooper Resolute
1x Blowtorch
1x Duke Resolute
1x Python Patrol Crimson Guard
1x Dreadnok Torch
1x Firefly G.I. Joe Vehicle Wave 4

1x Ghost Hawk (Sky Hawk) with Lift Ticket
1x Sting Raider (Water Moccasin) with Copperhead Tons of Transformers

4.2.Sales and Promos

4.2.1.Free shipping on $49 in toys @ Kmart (12-pack minicons out of stock) until 9.29 (cast comes out after) legos at Brian’s Toys (still to expensive) until 10.6

4.2.3.$15 off your order of $99 or more Offer Code: 4503080 until 10.31

5. Weekly Toy Review (coming soon)

6. Weekly Episode (coming soon)

7. Listener Feedback and Questions

8. Grab Bag

8.1.Clone Wars Mall Tour (no Denver)

8.2.New Tranformers Calendars

2 live action, 1 G1ish. Same as my stickers

8.3.Transformers Energon: The Ultimate Collection DVD box set

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced that December 16th will see the release of Transformers: Energon – The Ultimate Collection . All 52 episodes of the show, running 1092 minutes long, will be enclosed in 4 "thinpack" cases slid into an outer slipcase package

8.4.Transformers Animated Season 2 to be released 1.03.09 (13 episodes) with 3 animate shorts and photo gallery

8.5.Massive Lego Diorama: Rebel Attack!

8.6.TFU sells 1.5 million in one week (multiple platforms)

8.7.TF Animated short on Monkey Bar TV (Bumblebee Breaking)

9. Peace