Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 010 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Star Wars Weekends Exclusive: Jedi Training Academy

    2. Disney Park Exclusives: Disney 3 3/4 Star Wars Figures Wave 3 (mail order number – 407-363-6200)

    3. Botcon Update (Figures: Kup and Scourge and SkyQuake and LeoZak)

    4. Update to Upgrade Sets:

    5. Seibertron: Second Dairy Con Exclusive

    6. Revenge of the Fallen Toy News:

    7. Hasbro Star Wars Q&A

      • Most likely getting movie-style Jabba in 2010
      • $60 dollar deluxe ships here to stay
  3. Store Report

    1. Sightings

      1. Twitter and Twitpic
      2. TFW2005: Target Exclusive: Shockwave and Sunstorm coming March 22nd
    2. In The Ads

  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

  6. Weekly Toy Review: King Grayskull

  7. Listener Feedback and Questions: iTunes Reviews and welcome to Joseph Stalec and Heath Holland (Facebook)

    HH: “Your optimism gives me hope. I’m a big comics guy, and Larry Hama wrote almost the entire 155 issues of the comic, and he says they are doing things that he really considers to be mistakes, and that they didn’t consult him…so I get a little nervous. But if I keep my expectations low, maybe I’ll have a good time. At the very least, Snake Eyes oughta be cool to see in action.”

  8. Grab Bag

    1. TheForce.Net: Family Guy ROTJ Spoof – Episode VI: The Great Muppet Caper (Something, Something, Something Darkside to air Fall of ’09)

    2. “Choose Your Own Adventure” Clones Wars Novel (second books of series, July 23rd)

    3. IHN: Fanboys filmed in Albuquerque, Trekkie town square in Las Vegas, Skywalker Ranch is the World College

  9. Peace