Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 011 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

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  2. Toy News

    1. WTFWTK 2.13 and 2.14

      • Due to the concerns over costs, instead of creating a whole new Castle Grayskull or a build-a-castle feature, would it be possible to release a modified classic ’80s Castle Grayskull as part of the MOTUC line? That would cost the same amount. We no longer have the tool for the original castle (they weren’t built to last back then) and we would need to retool the castle again from the sculpt.
      • When Battle Cat is released in 2010, will he take up that month’s figure slot or will he be released in addition to that month’s figure? He would be a bonus figure that month.
      • Last year at SDCC we were told there wouldn’t be any more chase figures. We actually have not locked down exactly what we are doing. Our challenge this year is that now that we have and the exclusives are available online after the show, we wanted to make the figures actually at the show a little extra special as they were intended to be. It is likely that the batch we bring to the show itself will get something extra not available online. Whether this is an accessory change or a paint op change will depend on the figure, but it is something you will see in a few of our exclusives this year.
      • Will Mattel be selling any MOTUC Stratos in SDCC, or is he completely sold out? He is completely sold out.
      • Rather than all figures being re-released, Mattel has been stated that “core characters” will get re-released 8-10 months after a sellout. How are the core characters determined? Right now we are just looking at He-Man and Skeletor, but if there re-release goes well we will look at brining other sold out figures back. It is too early at this time to comment exactly.
    2. Star Wars Q and A

      • (Ed): Will there be variants of the recently revealed Episode V wave Hoth Rebel Trooper? More specifically, will he be released with the two heads or will this be a running change?It will be a running change; the first Rebel Trooper will ship in the U-3PO buildable droid wave, and then will carry forward into the next (HK-47) buildable droid wave. Regarding the Hoth Rebel Trooper, a very limited number of the first Rebel Trooper without the lower part of the jacket (skirt) will be getting out there. We did not catch the change until these had already been built out so we are letting them go. For those who get them….your choice is to not open them and hang onto them, or open and enjoy them for what they are.
      • (JT): With the Droid Commando now confirmed as getting a figure from Hasbro, we were wondering, what types of accessories might it be coming with? The basic figure of the Commando Droid is one of the troopers and will include a standard Droid blaster that can plug into his back for storage. The figure will be roughly super-articulated for poseability. There is a strong possibility we will do the captain Commando Droid later on down the line, which would include his sword.
    3. G.I. Joe Q and A

      • Yo Joe: Now that we’ve seen the upcoming products at Toy Fair, what do you have planned to fill the very large gap between now and the Movie release and will you continue to ship current products to keep Joe on the shelf until it is movie time? It�s a long wait between March and July! We will continue to have classic product on the shelf until July and will have limited newness as stores sell out of classic and move to movie. That said, use this time to save up because there is a TON of new product coming this fall!
      • Cool Toy Review: With the movie line willing to produce larger scale vehicles (i.e. night raven & The PITT), will this mean that the Classics (25th anniversary) line will also get the same treatment? It is more likely that you will see brand new vehicles and playsets than seeing 80’s large vehicles and playsets revisited.
      • Hiss Tank: Will there be a Rise of Cobra pre-view figure like Protoform Transformer Optimus Prime and Starscream before the main Movie Line hits? Yes, we will offer the MARS Trooper 3-pack exclusively online and before
        the movie product is available.
      • Cool Toy Review: The new 7-packs will begin pre-sale soon and more timing and pricing information will be available then. The new vehicles will most likely make it to retailers, but are definitely available online before movie.
    4. Transformers Q and A

      • TFW2005: Will we see American versions of the Masterpiece Grimlock, Thundercracker, and Skywarp figures? I would certainly keep your eyes on the look out for one of these in the near future!
      • Cool Toy Review: No Headmasters or Powermasters
    5. Masterpiece Grimlock: Scale (Seibertron) and Comparison (TFW2005)

    6. RebelScum: Legacy and Legends

    7. TFW2005: New Target Exclusive Titaniums

    8. Cool Toy Review: G.I. Joe: ROC toy case breakdowns

    9. Cool Toy Review:Destro Revealed

    10. Landshark! (repaint of Energon Landmine)

    11. Update to Fan-based Projects:

    12. Revenge of the Fallen Toy News:

  3. Store Report

    1. Sightings

    2. In The Ads

      • Target: Transformers Animated Deluxes – $8.99 (sold out at mine)
      • Toys’R’Us: $9.99 Universe and Animated Deluxes
  4. Online

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    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

  6. Weekly Toy Review: Cobra F.A.N.G. and C.L.A.W. (

  7. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • TaterX (Strafe Images: G1 and Universe Repaint)
    • Welcome Facebookers: Chris Hart, Adam Joseph Mastenbrook and David Edwards
  8. Grab Bag

    1. DVD Releases: Star Wars Robot Chicken II, Transformers G1 and G.I. Joe

    2. TV News: Clone Wars Season Finale, Transformers Animated: Season 3 premiere and Work starting on Live Action Star Wars

    3. St. Paddy’s Day: Mile High Style

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