Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 014 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

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    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Botcon: RazorClaw (Leo Breaker Repaint), Energon Mirage, new video

    2. Joecon: Crimson Guard Commanders, 12″ Crimson Guard Paratrooper, Registration and Brochure up as well.

    3. Canadian Joe Con Exclusives: Box set revealed

    4. SDCC: Mighty Muggs: Optimus Prime (Shiny), Carded Smiling Luke, Stormtrooper Commander, Destro 2-pack

    5. Hasbro Star War Q and A:

      • Galactic Hunter: Will the 2010 The Force Unleashed wave include any upgrades/remakes/variants of Force Unleashed characters you’ve already done, such as Juno Eclipse in her more screen-accurate outfit from the game or Starkiller in another of his many outfits? Or will the wave entirely consist of Force Unleashed characters you haven’t done yet?
        HASBRO: Actually, plans have changed for this wave. Namely, it will no longer be part of our basic figure plan in 2010 The reason is because the Legacy/Droid Factory figures have slowed considerably since last Fall compared to other parts of the line like Clone Wars basic figures and Saga Legends, and without the strong collector backbone we need to scale back on the number of collector-targeted basic figures in the lineup. We will instead be moving these to the Spring 2010 exclusives lineup and will change things around to look at some multi-packs (similar to the Battllefront multi-pack format). We think that Juno Eclipse in the version you suggest and additional Galen Marek figures are solid ideas, but we have yet to finalize the lineup.
      • We got a pretty great Hoth Han with the last “Vintage” series of figures, and you’ve now put together what looks like a great Hoth Rebel footsoldier for our snow trenches. I’m curious where you’re headed with Hoth-specific characters next? Would you look to Luke, or Leia resculpt? Or would you look at maybe the tan vested Hoth Soldiers ala the vintage rebel figure? Which character from Hoth would be your next goal to get outthere on the shelves if you could?

        There is a great new Luke Snowspeeder pilot coming later this Fall, and we hope to get to a new Hoth Leia in 2010. No plans right now for the other Hoth Rebel soldier, but he is one that we have our sites set on, hopefully within the next couple of years.

      • JI: Aura Sing is getting some good screen time on the Clone Wars cartoon, will she be making an appearance anytime soon in the Clone Wars action figure line?

        Hasbro: Unfortunately, not soon enough, as we can’t wait to get her into the lineup. She is slated right now for 2010.

      • Q. In 2005 the Agen Kolar basic figure seemed to be quite an achievement in sculpting and softgoods. But even then the figure had a lightsaber that was not the correct color (for Revenge Of The Sith), and a molded cloak. Since that time we’ve seen a great new softgoods Jedi cloak with other basic figures, plus some highly detailed lightsabers. Given what could be some easy fixes, like a softgoods cloak and blue lightsabers, might we see a revised, Revenge Of The Sith accurate Agen Kolar in the near future?

        A. Actually there will be an all-new EpIII Agen Kolar figure coming this Fall in the basic figure lineup, with even more enhanced articulation. He will not be coming with a soft goods cloak, and we will look into the saber coloring, since we were caught off guard by that one the first time. Stay tuned!

      • 3) I loved the Lucky Lekku and would love to have more individualized gunships like the Crumb Bomber. Are there more gunship repaints planned to coincide with The Clone Wars cartoon?

        Ideally, we want to keep the Gunship in rotation every year, and as we see new and unique squadrons appear we’ll look for a way to get them into the lineup. There will be at least one coming this Fall. Stay tuned for news at Comic Con….

      • YN: With the new package design shown at NYTF and more recently in packaged images on the web, is Hasbro looking to release a new clamshell 5 or 10 pack protection pack for the MOC collectors now that the design is back to a more “square” design?

        H: We’re glad you asked. The new card is actually 5.5″ x 8.25″, reduced slightly from the current 6″x9″ card size to conform to retail planogram modular sizing (actually the same size as all of Hasbro’s new basic figures). It is too small to fit in the current clamshell and right now, we do not have any plans to produce a new, smaller-size clamshell that would accommodate the new card size.

    6. Lego Star Wars Exclusives: Walmart – SMF (Small Millennium Falcon), TRU – Mon Cal Crusier, Target – Clone Wars Pirate Tank

    7. Subscription service is almost here (no bonus or speciality). Merman issues.

    8. GeneralJoes: G.I. Joe unreleased Wave 14 pics

    9. HissTank: new Resolute Figures

    10. Update to Fan-based Projects:

    11. Revenge of the Fallen Toy News:

    12. Seibertron: Transformers collecting article

  3. Store Report

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      • Ultimate Battle Packs to $14
  4. Online

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  5. What We Got

  6. Weekly Toy Review: Metabots Sniper: Magnum

  7. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Heath Holland: Interviews? FB real life profiles. and Our condolences on Chewie.
    • Sabertron: Sorry for all the spoilers. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow live. Real Arcee. Hates Crossovers too. Congrats on your Sunstorm. Legos cheating? Ratings: Samurai Prowl 5, Vector Prime 3.5, MM Starscream 5
    • Welcome Facebookers: Sabertron
    • Welcome Twitterers: Spray and Skiznot
  8. Grab Bag

    1. R.I.P. Bea Arthur at age 86(Ackmena)

    2. EE: Cinema of Fear Tiny Terrors Mini-Figures Wave 1 Set

    3. Transformers and G.I. Joe Complete Series to be released at SDCC

    4. Hasbro’s profits dip just under 50%. Joe and Star Wars strong and Transformers doing poorly.


    6. Star Wars Theme Videos: Dallas, Airwolf and MacGuyver

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