Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 015 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Botcon: Party Update, Weird Al, IDW Dream Team, Vince DiCola, David Kaye, Banzai-Tron

    2. SDCC: Sideshow, Destro 2-pack

    3. New Star Wars in package: Clone Wars Wave 6 and Deluxes, Clone Wars Wave 7, Wave 8 and more, Gunship Pod

    4. New Transformers Universe 3-pack

    5. HissTank: Joe 25th Wave 5 vehicles in box

    6. HissTank: Cobra Trooper in package

    7. HissTank: Chrome and Gold Storm Shadow

    8. Update to Fan-based Projects:

    9. Rise of Cobra Toy News:

    10. Masters Cast (James Eatock of cerealGeek and Josh de Lioncourt)

  3. Store Report

    1. Sightings

      • Twitter and Twitpic
      • SWAN: ESB Wave (Legacy Collection)
      • ROTF figures shipping and street date (5.30) being broken everywhere:
        • TFW2005 – Cool Hand Lube in Spokane, WA: Voyager Starscream and Leader Prime and Megatron
        • TFW2005 – Otispq in American Fork, UT: Wave 1 of Deluxes (Rampage, Sideswipe, Sideways and Breakway)
        • – Prime Sinister in Ontario: Preview figures
    2. In The Ads

      • Insert depressing sound from Price is Right here
  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

  6. Weekly Toy Review: Target Exclusive Stealth Lockdown and more importantly LEGENDS!

  7. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Heath Holland VM
    • Sabertron: Toy run and returns. Starfest weekend post? No wifey at Botcon. Reviews: Darkwind 2 Saber Points, Waspinator 1.5 Saber Points, Animated Sunstorm 5 Saber Points
    • Welcome Twitterers: Nicky Twana, Derek M. Koch (Brother D), Derek M. Koch, E-ta-i Haivri (3EyePanda), Fetts, talkmusic, Dick Van Dango (OfficerVanDango), Michael Albert (ME_Counterpunch), Jasmine Trulove (jasminetru), Steve & Mike (GeekCastRadio)
  8. Grab Bag

    1. RetrObrite – for your yellowing figures

    2. Trailers: Revenge of the Fallen and Rise of Cobra

    3. Star Tours 2.0

    4. Clone Wars Decoded (jokes, interesting facts, Blu-Ray?)

  9. Peace