Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 020 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. New Intro/Outro

    2. About the podcast and site

    3. About Us

    4. Guest: Whitaker McLovin

    5. Contact Us

    6. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. G4 coverage of SDCC and fan video submission

    2. Joecon: Full set and artwork (R.H.I.N.O. Helicopter)

    3. POA: Walmart Exclusive Star Wars Evolutions Packs

    4. Rebelscum: New Star Wars Battle Packs in package

    5. TFW2005: Lio Convoy repaint

    6. Seibertron: Perceptor Packaging

    7. Sandtroopers: New Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes and Single Packs

    8. POA: Possible new Slave Leia

    9. MP-04 Masterpiece Prime and trailer – Re-Issue

    10. Update to Fan-based Projects:

    11. Revenge of the Fallen Toy News:

    12. Rise of Cobra Toy News:

    13. Mattel Q and A Round Up

      • In 2010 most months will have more than one MOUTC item for offering. Bonus items will be a combination of re-releases, new characters with minimal tooling, logical repaints (i.e. no techno glow Skeletor!) and some other surprises to be revealed at SDCC.
      • Princess of Power will be based on previous toys not cartoon likeness.
      • No live action movie characters planned
  3. Store Report

    1. Sightings

    2. In The Ads

  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

    • WST: Skywarp and Thundercracker
    • Openned Hot Shot
    • Deluxe Ravage
    • Dan Madsen sale: Green Card Rebel Soldier, Toy Fair Exclusive Dagobah X-Wing
    • Human Alliance Bumblebee
    • Rest of my ROTF Legends
  6. Weekly Toy Review: None this week

  7. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • ROTF Thoughts:
      • Saber: Fell asleep the first time, loved even more the 2nd time, wife (Aja) loves it, especially Sideswipe (Mrs’ Bumblebee/Barricade)
      • Jaime: “DAMMMMMMMMMMMM, I LOVED IT,MAN”, (8.5 out of 10), the Bad reviews outway the Good with about 95% to 5%,but who give’s a SHIT right? I LOVED IT!, Alice?
      • Ours: (stats)
    • Jaime: Red Cards, 25th Anniversary Prime, Australia Day
    • Mike “The Birdman” Dodd (T.W.I.G.): On the show, on his show.
    • Welcome YouTubers: treashjp,
    • Welcome Twitterers: Ed Salo (egsalo), James Eatock (cerealgeek), Ron Mirasol (rmirasol),
    • Welcome Facebookers: Rob Paine, Vern Phillips, Saber’s Aja
  8. Grab Bag

    1. StarWars: Star Wars Robot Chicken Episode 2 Skating Release Parties

    2. First details on Clone Wars Blu-Ray

    3. StarWars: Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge

    4. M and M Dispensor Promotion (Statue)

    5. Seibertron: G1 inspried Nikes (bo)

    6. G.I. Joe next Slurpee promotion (Strawberry Pineapple Lime)

  9. Peace