Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 025 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Contest Winner: TaterX

    2. Teela Debacle

    3. HissTank: Wave 3 of ROC Alpha Vehicles Cancelled and UK cancels Pursuit if Cobra

    4. TFW2005: Transformer Q and A Highlights

    5. Toyfare/Wizard Star Wars Fan Poll

    6. Fansproject: TFX-Defender, TFX-Protector (1st Quarter of 2010) and Bruticus Maximus Appendage Set

    7. GeneralJoes: 2 7-pack Resolute Box Sets (Fall 2010)

    8. WTFWTK

      • No new tooling in accessory packs
      • Grayskull stands 5 for $15 (flying stands coming)
      • No soft goods
      • Action features
      • Panthor not to be flocked
    9. BTS Toys: BT-02 – Accessory Pack

    10. Leader Class Starscream: Hasbro Meeting and Back of Box (Nebular Starscream)

  3. Store Report

    1. Sightings

    2. In The Ads

      • Kmart: ROC figures for $5.99, Alpha Vehicles $12.99, Desert 4-pack $14.99
  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

  6. Weekly Toy Review: None this week

  7. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Welcome YouTubers: StarwarsSammler, Acefiel, Andyproductionsz, Wheelbreaker41,
    • Welcome Twitterers: StarWarsTweets, AboutActionFigs, StarWarsMovie, MONTHOFMACABRE, Duke19, Frenchbleu, TheArticulated1, Kevin Dubblestein, 29mig, JediMike1128, ToysTree,
    • Welcome Facebookers: Michael Frederick Kierulf, Philippe Le Hardy,
    • Thank you for all the anniversary well wishes
    • Jaime
      • Digging on Big Bang Theory
      • Pics of the collection
      • Recording heads up.
      • G.I joe figs $16.99, Clone Wars figs $16.78, minimum $8.70
      • Q and A’s
    • Mike Burns
      • Big comic guy, would love to a “Read Your Comics Cast”. Read tons of Transformers and Joes comics. Seems like GIJOE always had better comics, especially in the Marvel years. I think that the comics writers of these franchises get there hands a little tied do to the nature of the property. I for one, would love to see the autobots fighting someone else other then Decepticons. It’s a big universe out there and everything doesn’t transform.As far as comparing Joes and Formers to things like Spidey or Green Lantern, the biggest difference is just depth and character development. Marvel and DC stuff tend to focus on developing a few characters while the toy comics have to cram in as many cameos as possible with very little character development.
      • Ep. 24 was perhaps my favorite. The Hasbro official word on the Fallen and infinite timelines was priceless. I kinda want that on a t-shirt, very small writing and obviously two-sided. Plus, I haven’t collected Star wars in years, but never got a Y-wing, even though I always loved it. Was excited by the Q&A regarding the 2010 one.
    • Vern Phillips
      • Celebration 5!
      • Liked the guests
      • Same boat with few collector friends
    • Saber
      • Balloon Boy
      • 2-story Target
    • BenderFry
      • Mass Device (Jaime)
      • Best of the 80’s at Marshalls
    • Voicemail – Lake Worth, FL: Hey guys are going into labor not those who who is also on the top and I am. How are you guys and if you guys bunches well, cos, Bart Conner construction wanted to stop south, and west. So I had to focus my attention to other venues an adventure. So I when I got my real estate license and so I’ve been doing since since I last saw you guys had lock on so I’ve been busy. Been busy trying to real estate 9 and I’ve neglected my duties is say how much I love you guys so I’m doing it via phone. I sent you guys an email yesterday trying to get back. And again, my name is send in these little email or two couple thousand words like more like a couple hundred thousand dollars every time and 12 years and stuff. I just have not had the time, busy, busy. And so see. I’m just dollars. All the podcast 221 like 23 that 23 and trying to balance 24 if you know that a hurry up and I don’t have anything on Saturday except. Ohh yeah i you guys are gonna baja, Hey Jason how you got you guys are a hug that white team. I want to see both you guys do have a call me. I know bye. I don’t know if it has a face to away. That’s funny. So you guys. Take it easy. I’ll be podcast in the way here in chat with you guys you facebook twister, and so it’s all good, so I’ll talk to you guys later.
    • Voicemail – Jaime, Down Under: Hi guys, it’s, Jamie calling from all the way down and just wanna say. Greg Shoyer every week consistent if only every of up on on the web would be good if you guys. I think we will be very happy, every week 049 monthly whenever you guys to show you. So if the Allies so anyway. Everybody seems appreciate it. I appreciate it. Just wanna say thanks, and hopefully i’ll calling selling the government a general Jason rental. Alright guys, Thanks again so you guys bye.
    • Voicemail – Vern, Baltimore, MD: Hey Hi. This is an again. I think either my phone disconnected zero, but I don’t have too much and I do work of the office. Anyway, yeah, i just want to say thank you guys for everything you do, and again, congratulations on your 1 year anniversary piece and I’m going to myself comic on this weekend and I have the first ever Costume Contest up a m Baltimore, so have a pretty cool doors gonna goes super girl who contest not. I’m looking at having a really good time and I just wanna say thank you again and thank you to my girlfriend. If you listen this week. I love you babe. Thanks so much for the stuff you got me and I’ll keep listening. Guys, I will. I’ll talk to you Later. Bye Bye.
    • Voicemail – Vern, Baltimore, MD: Hey Jason, Jessica Brown from baltimore a call man I wanna congratulate you guys on your 1 year anniversary 2 shows pretty much 2 shows for war every 2 weeks for years, awesome and you know, all those guys. Enter this into a low that you guys do a great job. I don’t have a store before today, but I do have a pretty cool story want to tell you guys probably the last 4 5 episodes are you listen your guys Pike S like or on my laptop when I’m in bed. You know, for the better. Something like that, and my, my girlfriend, she’s been catching you know the podcast one off and last week’s episode. X. Specially what she, she. She pretty much identified a Jesco a lot, you know whenever you she hasn’t she likes just as personality or such user, stuff so and you know she’s she’s got a call. I want to listen to the Pike. It’s Dan last week. Wooden on you guys are talking about the you the reason for collecting and you know how are you. You know, slick said something like, you know he never went down 1 and and. Boadie out. You know, you know, it’s that. So the reason why we. You know we clock. It’s because you know, we we did that we work in the saw or around everything in. Brings back memories and all that when Jessica said something about you know what she gets the same is stature feeling she walked out she had a scratch kids and i think i kind of a ring a bell in my girlfriend said. So anyway, and to make a long story short, today my birthday, and usually on my birthday, my girlfriend, get your stuff like you know jeff cards are you know. Nelson ever. You’re you know anything. I’m really into you know. So today I get a package and I will get it off and it is the the new has bro cab to can lead Sabre you know your FX line but some Philly blew me away, because I had only talk so one of my buddies about it and never gotta give like that. Her you know I was really cool to get that wanted that really bad. I collect that the Receivers but not all, of just want to like and I want to do. Who one and then she needs to be a card an opening up, and there’s tickets to Comic Con airborne work on a kind of this weekend for Saturday and Sunday. Judy passes and May. My daughter who ever year and they shared or street tickets in there, so she’s actually going to go with me this year, along with my daughter so you know. I just. I thought that was so cool. And I’m so excited. And you know I I just think it’s to read how you got you know why. Stats. It’s with you and stuff like that and i kinda got a little tiny going to that this is just we can you know and I thought I had. I think that I have no thank you guys because I don’t think issue. Whatever. Jessica talk about the cabbage patch kid or just leave a message to show. That’s 45 times she. I’m kinda understand. Rourke calling from now. A lot of ways.
  8. Grab Bag

    1. TaunTaun Sleeping Bag

    2. Fan Projects:

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