Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 026 Show Notes

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  2. Toy News

    1. Toys for Tots:

      (Otto) To those who donate toys for the Marine Corps’ Toys For Tots, for every G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra toy purchased at stores from November 11 through November 26 (Veteran’s Day through Thanksgiving), Hasbro will donate a new toy (up to 300,000 toys with a minimum $3.99 value) to Toys for Tots. You can double the charity by buying the G.I.*JOE toy and donating it to Toys for Tots.

    2. ActionFigurePics: McFarlane Playmaker 4″ figures

    3. Hasbro Diorama Content

    4. Rebelscum: Ambush at Abregado and Epic Encounters

    5. Seibertron: Frenzy/Rumble Classics prototype

    6. Seibertron: Legends Devastator Gift Set and TFW2005: G1 repaint

    7. TFW2005: Transformers Repaints Leader Shadow Command Megatron and Final Defense Optimus, Scout 2-packs (in package) and Mail In Ravage

    8. TFW2005: Ice Cream Truck packaging variant

    9. Poe Ghostal’s Ask Mattel Roundup: 10.15.09 and 11.1.09:

      • Green Arrow is one of the coolest DC Classics so far, particularly because of the wrist articulation and the cool poses it allows for! Is this an articulation point that Mattel would consider using more openly? Or at least on figures that use weapons/martial arts and could benefit from the jointed wrists?

        We do not want to over-articulate figures, but for those who need special articulation to hold weapons or strike iconic poses, we will do all we can to make this happen. The sculpts are too beautiful to interrupt with unneeded articulation!

      • I liked the Goddess figure as shown at SDCC, but was disappointed when we saw the packaged sample was molded in a oddly colored translucent plastic. Are you able to discuss the reasons for this change? And can a normally painted Goddess be kept in mind for future reissues?

        The translucent plastic was added to really make the figure pop and to further differentiate her from Teela which uses the same body and head sculpt. I think when you see it in person you’ll really love it!

      • For a Man-E-Faces MOTUC figure, are you thinking more like Tri-Klops’ turning eyes for his “many faces” or more like the upcoming Battle armor He-Man with swappable plates?

        Actually, both options are being reviewed. But he is still awhile off. So don’t jump to any conclusions!

    10. Hasbro Star Wars Q and A

      • ActionFigureInsider: What is the status on the unbearded 2nd hoth trooper- we were told that it would be showing up in a later assortment on the new card. But none of the scheduled releases have it listed– is it still coming??

        Believe it or not, we still do not have an answer from our factory on this one as to how many were shipped. We have seen samples, and have been told that they were revised into production, but we know in all of the cases we have sampled from this assortment (at several different delivery stages)that all the figures have been bearded. So we have yet to find a retail case with the beardless. It may not be that we will not have the real truth until all of the cases have been distributed and there is a better representation of the whole run. At this point, we’re hoping it didn’t get out, since it is looking like it will be even rarer than we thought. We are 100% dedicated to getting it back out in one form or another next year, though, so fans *will* be able to get this figure.

      • DewbackPatrol: I just bought a house with a room for my toys. I have spent hours putting Star Wars figures on shelves – lots of hours! My wife came into watch and I was showing her how I was putting the figures on these clear stands and on Stand Tall Displays. They look great! Well, my wife wanted to know how the stands worked and I was showing her the hole in the foot of the figure. As I was showing her I realized what an incredible design it is. Can you tell us a little about how the peg and hole system came about? I had to buy the stands in 2 different sizes – one for vintage and one for modern. Why did the diameter of the hole change when POTF2 came about? Thanks.
        – Dewbackunter

        The figure peg and hole combination was created to allow figures to be posed in dioramas and attach to vehicles, from the very start of the Star Wars line. It was is a consistent presence through both the Star Wars and GI Joe lines, natural because of the number of vehicles and playsets these lines have seen over time, but has also become a standard for many other figure lines as well. As modern sculpting aesthetics came into the line, many figures that had smaller feet required could not handle the older diameter, and sometime during the POTF2 run the standard size was changed to reflect this.

      • YakFace: It is quite obvious that Season 2 of The Clone Wars is going to be chock full of potential character and vehicle merchandise for months to come. Also obvious is the prominence the various bounty hunters in Cad Bane’s posse (Bossk, Aurra Sing, Cato Parasitti etc.) will play initially in the series. My questions are will we see an all-bounty hunter themed wave in 2010 or will you be spreading out the various hired guns over the course of the year in different waves? Will we see Cad Bane’s Xanadu Blood (a repaint of the Magnaguard Fighter) in the starfighter assortment in early 2010?

        You will see the bounty hunters phase in at different times into the lineup, rather than as one big wave. And yes, look for Cad Bane’s ship in the Starfighter lineup sometime early next year.

      • YodasNews: I’ve noticed over the years that the screw heads on vehicles (such as the recently released shadow colored ARC 170 starfighter) are invariably on the right (or starboard, if you will) side of the vehicle, so you can’t see them when the ship is facing towards the left . I’m curious…is there a reason why the screws are always on that side of the toy? Is it for aesthetic reasons (more people are right handed and would hold the ship in that hand so they wouldn’t see those screw holes in play) or is just plain coincidence?

        The holes where the screws go in are called “screw bosses.” Since vehicles may be shown in an open package or window box, designers are cognizant of hiding all of the screws on one side of the vehicle to as to present a more complete side to the consumer. It’s not that th screw bosses are ugly, but they detract attention from the aesthetics that the designer is trying to present. Over time, the right side became more of the default, all things being equal on both sides of the vehicle.

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      • TRU Big Book: Pit $79.99, Attack on the Pit $19.99, Gathering at the Nemesis $39.99, Turbo Tank $79.99, Gunship $49.99
      • Kohl’s Black Friday: TF Deluxes $8.49 and all other action figures 33% off
      • Target Black Friday: TF Deluxes $7.99
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      • $15 off $99+ at Entertainment Earth. Use source code 1004091 or Free shipping on $59+
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    1. Halloween: Ben Cooper Costumes and Costume Contest

    2. Masters of the Universe Checklists (Early Waves and Later Waves) and Unreleased Comic

    3. Star Wars Build-a-Bear (Free Shipping on $30+ promo: 94476 expires 12.16.09)

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