Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 031 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Toy Budget and Tracking

    2. Convention News:

    3. Matty Collector News: Keldor Pics, On sale through June, Moss Man, TRU DCUC vs. MOTUC 2-packs

    4. Fun Publications: TFCC Magazine and GJCC Magazine

    5. Crazy Devy: Robot Power Parts

    6. KM-01: Knight Morpher Commander Pic

    7. Disney Label Buzz Lightyear Official Pics

    8. Cobra Commander Mail-Away no longer a mail-away?

    9. Q and A NEVER!

  3. Store Report

    1. Sightings

      • Twitter and Twitpic
      • Jaime: jaime’s dvd / toy store report: G.I joe on 2009 movie on blu-ray as lowe as $20,Transfomers “G1″single disc’s for $5.95 ea,new HE-MAN box set for $69.90 & He-Man-m.o.t.u box set $147.90. We’ve an onslaught of TF2-n.e.s.t toy’s & an ass load of transfomers animated hiting the peg’s,we finally get “the Fallen” at $49.95, most of the n.e.s.t are $24.95,i allso found a $99.95 optimus prime from tf2 & i picked up a Skids & i Ravage for $24.95 ea. Transfomer:Devastator hit’s K-mart at $149,we get a lot of the R.o.t.f “NEST” team(i picked up Sideswipe),No new clone wars but we get the Yoda Lap? at Target & we also get 2 pair of the Adidas Star Wars sneeker’s (yes) i all so saw a Pack of “HOTH” Speeder bike’s
      • Clone Wars 2010 Wave 3
      • Transformer Human Alliance: Mudflap,
      • SW Deluxes
      • ROC Lava Pod
      • TRU: DCUC vs. MOTUC 2-packs
    2. In The Ads

  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

  6. Weekly Toy Review: ?

  7. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Welcome new YouTubers, Twitters and Facebookers
    • Saber Reviews: Sideswipe Devastator, TF: Animated Arcee, HA Barricade
    • Voicemails
      • Vern: Hey guys, broken Baltimore just want to let you guys know what just finished up to 30 was great as usual here. Worse what you guys. Groom’s you know that I received both of my figures that were the one off eBay and hey and alarms From, Maddy collector. Yes, it was very frustrating that day, but I’m gonna be prepared next time. Trust me the figures will great, they’re better than I expected hopeful. I definitely look like the tire set now so it’s gonna be hard for me to keep all V, E Day and that pays Cowper places, but we’ll run forms of, so I just see what I can get into. So that’s gonna cut me off so i’m going out too much, but just wanna say hey, thanks for the great episode lot information on the AS usual great cast. And guys take it easy. Okay, later. Peace.
      • Sim: Hey guys, It’s Sam from of them calling you today from sunny Philadelphia. Anyway, thank you so much for the price package. It was awesome. Loved it. My son love the man stuff is break and my wife this is probably wearing a sweatshirt really cool I. I got to get a chance to. If you did get a chance to go to a share, which we’re not great, the person to be honest with you, but they wouldn’t let me in the has bro. This way we didn’t have the right kind of pass so I didn’t get to see that person, but I think that the walking around a bit. I saw some of the tell stuff, I’d love the still sore. Lex Luther’s double fact and that prompted me later on to go to the toys R US fine square where they actually have that they had a I looked around for a bit. And by the cash registers they had a i like it. Shane and space where they had a pile of the double actually had a busy man said, man, and the skills or like. Two, thirds of the actually got one of each of those and I was pretty cool. That’s right, but I have some great looking for you. I was happy with that. Hey with us. Look forward to seeing you guys the compound the summer and I’ll talk to you soon.
  8. Grab Bag

    1. G.I. Joe: 1987 G.I. Joe: The Movie being released to DVD and Blu-ray (Amazon Preorder), Flash Games on MonkeyBarTV

    2. Transformers: Cologne?, TF Animated: The Allspark Almanac, Vol. 2

    3. Star Wars: Galactic Heroes Animated Series, Jedi-Con Poster, Star Wars Days Poster, Star Wars Lego Video Game III: Clone Wars

    4. MOTU: Real Land Shark

    5. Toy Fair Contest

  9. Peace