Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 045 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Con News

    2. Vikor and Bow Swap Release Dates

    3. New Star Wars Vintage Collection in Walmart Computers (ToyFare pics)

    4. DOTM toys to be released 5.16.2011 (pics, also revealed: Voyager Ironhide, Leader Megatron)

    5. Big Matty Day on 1.18

    6. Transformers United 3-packs and Scrapheap

    7. Speaking Battle Cat/Cringer Poll

    8. Walmart computers reveal new Transformers

    9. In package pics and bios for Panthor and King Hsss

    10. Scout Rumble in Package

    11. April MOTUC figure Sy-Clone images

    12. Fan Made Projects

    13. Matty Tidbits and Q and A

      • Vehicles to be between $30 and $50 (most likely at SDCC)
      • Soft goods are possible, but they are way more expensive
      • January to be the next shot at a fixed Matty site
      • Hopefully new stands in 2012, possibly Snake Mountain version
    14. Star Wars Q and A

      • Hasbro has always wanted to do light-up lightsabers
      • 2nd wave of Mini Muggs in later ’11 or early ‘12
      • Prequel haters caused end to themed waves
      • Yoda was pulled to put him on a ROTS card
      • ARC Trooper Commander (Fordo) on vintage card next spring (with Nom Anor (from Crimson Empire), and Bastila Shan (KotOR). These characters will sport an “Expanded Universe)
      • New Royal Guard in ‘12
  3. Store Report

    1. Sightings

    2. In The Ads

  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

  6. Featured Custom: Skeletor’s Throne

  7. Toy Review: Revlotech Ultra Magnus

  8. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Sim’s VM – Hey, Let’s say the system. How are you I. For the last episode. I thought that questions. A quick question. What. If you could choose just one And if I could choose just one. I think I would go with the starting lineup. Figures. I don’t know if you remember those. They were sports action figures, and basically they have contemporary players of the time. Basil players. That’s all. Hockey and they were sold, regionally. When I first came out, which is really interesting to see if you get these kind. UPS you were regional players only in that area of the country. And they’re really tough to find and they end up making literally hundreds and hundreds of different players. I trading cards out from way back at you know, and each figure, would come with a trading card. Which, which I collected like crazy and Hello that the weather series of figured. So, anyway. I mean, you know, Subject, Is Ours, message universe. Love all that, but I think you’d like to speak with one Because, I love sports and I love the rare. I love the trading cards ago. Starting lineup, anyway. The question That’s always good to hear you guys. Talk to you soon, bye. Yeah.
    • Chuck’s VM – Yeah, Hello Mr. This is my favorite this is chuck from Star Joe’s www that star jets dot com. Yeah, just heard the latest episode episode. 43. Just want to give you guys a call. I know you guys once voicemails for your show. So here goes, recently just with you. My local K Mart in picked up some vintage star Wars figures. They were by when get 1 free So I got 6 of those. Bye. I’m 6 rate was pretty good deal. Actually looking for a little bit more those vintage figures to complete the I set of that. Also transformers You could pick up that drips figure on that matches the universe. We’re looking at. Maddy collector cyber monday, looking to get that okay on that. And as far as G. I. G. O goes. I’m pretty much set with all those figures. Yeah, just pretty much right now. I’ll try to focus on star wars in get that taken care of, but I just thought I’d drop you guys a voicemail see what’s going on really like to show you get a really great. And thanks for listening to this over at Star Joe’s. We really appreciate that you guys have a great day. Bye bye.
    • Saber’s VM – So they can basically favorite. How are you. OM. This is Sabre calling you from Central Park, New York. He’s name is. O of the blizzard of 2010. Not sure if we can hear me well or not. You know I love the smell, because it reminds me if you guys just how wonderful you guys are it or not. Cos. Because it’s white or anything. I meet you guys are just as cool as the snow, that is ball and it’s like 10 degrees. And it’s so I’d like to take itself anyways, I called to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If I Jones, make it out here and a half hour, but I’ll call the concert. So cat or so. I’m going to come and rescue me. Be sure to check out my pics on facebook on the on the Bruce burning version, you’ll see. Maybe with Mr. Optimus Prime at the coolest Toys R Us. Ever or I got to go. You guys transformers allowed. Love you guys so much. Happy Holidays and wish you the best. Take it easy guys, Wednesday or something if I mean yeah defense. Bye.
  9. Grab Bag

    1. Star Wars

      Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking on HBO and One Man Star Wars Triology at Fort Myers, FL

    2. G.I. Joe

      Real American Hero Compendium and Thoughts on Renegades

    3. Transformers

      DOTM Trailer, ’86 Movie Briefing Binderand Thoughts on Prime (continuity clarification)

    4. MOTU

      Original MOTU to be re-released

  10. Toy List (Excel (sortable) and PDF)

  11. Peace