Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 051 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Con News

    2. Dark of the Moon Toy News

    3. New KREO sets revealed

    4. Possible Dial Tone second run

    5. King Hsss’s Shouldergate

    6. Man-E-Faces Poll results (current polls)

    7. Vintage wave 7 carded pics

    8. PoC wave 5 and 6 carded pics

    9. Fan Made Projects

    10. Matty Tidbits and Q and A

      • New weapons pak in early 2012
      • No re-issues of previous lines for the 30th anniversary
      • Snake Mountain stands in Fall of 2012
  3. Store Report

    1. Sightings

    2. In The Ads

      • TRU: Free Star Wars mini Attack Shuttle with $20+ in Lego Star Wars
      • Walmart: Clearancing Cyberverse Prime
  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

    • Matty Subscription Shipping: The Ongoing Saga
    • Green Lantern preview figure (Sector 2814 not 2812), Elite Weapons packs, Ross exclusives
    • New TRU MOTUC 2-packs
    • BTTS: Aerial Team Appendage Add-On Kit, Explorer and Munitioner, Protector Trailer, Sidearm, Piranacon, Knight Morpher Commander, Shadow Warrior Two-Pack, Predaking Reissue Box Set
  6. Featured Custom: Joe Amaros Ram-Man

  7. Toy Review: Commemorative Hot Rod (Rodimus Major)

  8. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Jamie’s Store Report:

      • Kmart’s restock
      • Ironman 2 figs droped form $15.75 to $5 for one week & now there up to $6
      • no DOTM toys hiting yet
      • LEGO T-6 jedi shttle with 4 jedi for $99.99 (i need the shaak Ti)
      • Rodimus “3 pack” for olny $29.90 thats on sale from $49
    • Questions

      1. Are there books/comics or game toys that you have or buy?
      2. Jes: Toy Story 2 and 3 what did you think?

      Bosshogatron: If you’re collecting toys for the nostalgia, why not actually collect the vintage 80’s items?

    • Jeff’s VM: Hey, This is Jeff the brand new to the podcast listen to the first couple of so it’s and the last couple. But I figured I heard about the contest. So, heck, I’ll try this. My favorite story. From the click here was definitely be darth maul said, Simple trader transferred her malls. No horns and I wanna go. That’s way too freaking cute. So Yeah, there’s that. And also sense. Yeah miss my favorite said something about little extra something something for people to sing, I want to use it as a singer and I got a hell of a programer. So here’s two. See you in this is my favorite Lucas loves you more then you can go ohh yeah these crowds here in our pitch worsened portrait so crap. Yeah. Anyway, love to go, so hope talk to later.
    • Dan’s VM: Hey my favorites, this is Dan from California. And I just wanted to, talk to you a voicemail. And enter the contest. Of course, message for free, right. So my favorites. Westerville is the gmail alliance with the little figures. I’m 01 24 scale collector. Pretty much everything, but in the transformers and I think it’s awesome to have more humans do, add to the the collection makes everything look. Fantastic Not to mention I think the actual transformers are freaking sweet alright. Hey Sarah, I agree show and thanks, take my call. Bye bye.
  9. Grab Bag

    1. Star Wars

      New Hallmark product

    2. G.I. Joe

      Renegades not slotted for next season (show your support)

    3. Transformers

      New cartoon: Resuce Bots

    4. MOTU

      Cereal:Geek #1 reprint

    5. Family Guy

      New Talking Playmates

  10. Toy Fair Contest – JEF! (not a typo)

  11. Peace