Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 056 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Con News

    2. e-Hobby Black repaint of MP Rodimus Prime

    3. New Clone Wars figures (Clones)

    4. Megator’s “secret accessory” revealed

    5. Japanese Transformers exclusives: Legends/EZ Thundercracker, DOTM Deluxe Skywarp and Bape G1 Optimus Prime

    6. New Disney Star Wars toys (Muppets in package)

    7. Matty returns to mailer boxes

    8. TVC Wave 8 delayed

    9. Fan Made Projects

  3. Store Report

    1. Jaime

      All DOTM and Lego. Lego BMF $249 and PodRacers for $159. Picked up Starscream and Thundercracker for $23.95 and the Transfomers Vault at Target for $30

    2. Sightings

    3. In The Ads

      • Target: $18 -$3 Voyagers and $40 -$10 Leaders (coupons)
      • Ross, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls – RTS Legends through Voyagers
  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

  6. Featured Custom: Cobra La

  7. Toy Review: Alternators Rodimus Prime

  8. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Tim Rogers Email: I wanted to share my experience with Matty Ghostbusters Ecto Club. OMG! These people are so hopeless. After collecting the 2 of the 12″ figures at great expense and the other 2 via Matty, I decided to join the club and get 2 sets sent down under to where I live in Sydney, Australia. You would think this would be easy. No. In between subscribing for the Ecto Club mid 2010, and the first figure sent in January, I changed credit card number. I emailed them a notification last year. No response. I finally received my two January figures on the 28th January, and then get a notification that my Ecto Club account has been cancelled. I email for a reason. Apparently my credit card was not updated and they shipped the figures, then my bank cancelled the payment as they used the old card number. You see when this is going … Long story short … After SIX WEEKS of emailing every 2nd day, they have still not updated my credit card, I have 20 emails from mostly different people, explaining the story over and over again. They would not enable my account despite being given the correct credit card. I told them, if you don’t use this new card, you won’t get paid for the 2 figures I already have, nor will I get the figures all year. They just couldn’t get this sorted, so I am done with them. I have the 4 12″ figures, and all 4 guys and Peck in the 6″ figures, they look great but I am DONE!!! I have tried sooooooo hard to get these people to accept my new number … but no-one is willing to sort it out, it just shows that they don’t actually care about their international customers as they refused to call my bank to verify anything and just won’t change the credit card. Ahh! I give up. I’ll go back to Sideshow, Gentle Giant and DC for my statue needs.
    • Saber’s VM – Hey operate codes call voice dot. But I’m drive all this is Sabre check in and somewhere in the S E ish. I will. My weight Omaha, Nebraska 2. Time is about 1:30 AM, setting up for another, so it shades. You know chase tomorrow. And the code is, should be fun. The listening to the cassella blabbing about some other things. And just all those wait til after making the 1 X quick again. I know I’m going for a whole bunch 0 is gonna sell by I bought concept, but I keep looking at it here and I might not, might be the beginning of collecting again course, not that crazy right. I want to Performance at win the lottery. I just don’t have power ball. We’ll see, anyways. The listing with you guys pretty much all day today here it is going to you. I guess just fine Talking Towers. I’m looking at voice Macy’s much happiness. And that i 3 you guys to the voicemail there And I guess you guys on Wednesday. Can’t wait gonna be fun. Condos call man. Very exciting. Dave, good stuff we only live ONE side of the to the floors, transform a lot guys. Shh awful.
    • Dan’s VM – Hey slick 8. Mrs. So, I would. This is Dan California. By the way so I just wanted to, take you up on your Rick page. Something about blah blah blah condoms and. I was so I was wondering how are you You know how independent you are or You know the field of models to use by the figures, et cetera, et cetera. I do like a little, little bit ago in the myself. They were the models. I like the bill. But they that’ll fit into my skill, collection That’s. That’s how I could stay completion is. I just buy it, things are and scale of each other and that act, but, anyway so I was just curious about that. So thanks a lot pictures show like everybody. I wish you came out more often, but hey, it’s great that comes out at all, and You take care, your time to You know, put out a Good. Podcasting experience. So thank you for that and Yeah take bye bye.
    • JD’s VM – Hey this like. And that’s very Zed and I just ordered wed show up. Alright boys For $19 plus shipping handle any news about pretty box altogether. It’s a lot more than I wanted to pay but Let’s David, the chances of finding went in to leave in the store. Our flinton 9 and it The fact of the only shipping with this one rigged and he said returning to deny figures and he hasn’t popped up on any other. If the store means all the way to waive the 8th, really kind of makes me think. This is maybe my only chance to get in without buying a whole case. And most stores bee colonies, easily one for case both the online stores are completely sold out of the revisions Wave, any I don’t like the idea of buying an entire case of figure for one. Seeing as how I already have all of those referring to, yet i figures, and in fact, I’ve got to stuff so Brian story of the Adam, last week and they sold out inside of an hour So. I just signed up for the email list to get notified wife was available again So I got the email this morning. I went online immediately. I ordered wedge. I am not kidding when I say 25 minutes later, if the sold out. So Yeah, I hope you guys don’t have to resort. The E Day, Hi Jack, Brian boys and sign up to be notified with, like that was but. Yeah, I ordered its 30 bucks but you know what time. Gonna have wedge and I’m happy about that because of the big fan of the character despite the flaws configure so. Yeah early so we got one coming. Because, God forbid ever find one in the store. I wonder picking it up for another like to respond. But yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna happen stores around here. Still stock much. Walmart. At some point to weeklies gift masters and or a couple of thin regards and that’s about it from wait. 6. I’ve still never seen hook and having to trade for it. So, Yeah the chance of meeting never trying to get anything from never turn of the tonight 3 fresh. Just probably. That’s or not we will. So yeah ohh OR. Yeah, just let you guys know. I’m probably give me a call back. Lots of voicemails, because I’m enjoying doing this. And. When I said things like Medford ass world and I need to get cracking up. Well, it makes me crack there.
    • Andy’s VM – Hey my favorites. This is Andy of all the city. First, I’m calling to the show. I’m. Pretty big fan. I. I really love the dynamic of the the husband and wife collector Tim, it’s. It’s always interesting to see how other couples get along with our collective anyways, Hi. Just wanted to say also show following the format of the other colors. I’m a huge fan of you know transformers and giant robots in general, blackberry and from tonight so i mean, you name it. Transformers few minutes, basically, my big thing so easily with the with the new tower doesn’t put coming out. I get to go. He’s with friday bye bow for my house up at Walmart, Target and I, kids with us for really close so so I don’t know what I can go down and get them but I had a great time up that it would be which you know. Well, it’s kinda weird does Wayne. Take care, shock waves. So no prime and you know next week. I’m I’m to this. Actually this week. I’m gonna go check out and see if I can get an IN I Peter Cox really sorry about that. See. Kinda you know. Slick, you’re trying to be good but I can’t do it. I don’t have the council control, don’t. Anyways shack with no you know so far. Scott hammer and struck with it, but my my 2 favorite the line so far. And yeah, I’ve got to go through out Because, Katie called so many times when the last podcast, didn’t really, shockwave you tried to transforms them apart That brings up another point. Have you guys are not look at the instructions when it comes to your transformers. I mean, I had to schedule a one’s with instructions. Danny, Got it. For most of the way. Boy, I would say but anyways yeah dude Shopper’s for him my rents was still dark on this just coming in joining us as quickly as it did. You know the whole lot of things we we hadn’t really seen before, but let you know as soon as the them. Hattiesburg’s masterpiece. Rod, emmins own Christ. I will put initially. I think I need. Hey, I just think $200 buying. That’s if you brought in this from car At, Derick on earlier this year. And if you know you had a we were all of the impression I have a would’ve been really interesting. And you know. You know I’m I’m torn because I don’t know if I wanna buy this one but You know I have this feeling deep down inside that I’m going to anyways. So you know So if you have broke. Anyways, I’ll be on my I have a question for you got So. With. With the amount of seizures, but, you know, we have a bill collectors are able to get our hands on and you know Christmas has been collecting friends. You know, because we’re a little.
    • Andy’s 2nd VM – Hey guys, It’s Sandy. Again, sorry I want a little bit. 1. Hopefully you know that the down and not make me sound like such a retard. Anyway, so I’m going to bring my question. So with the with the pool is that we have you know the figures you know I wouldn’t DJ the metric effluent suggest that we’ll have. I’m just curious if you know what what your message. I’m storing your figures you know, kind of preserving and. I think I know there’s just hardly ever enough space to display all your put one All mobile W’s message. I’m just kinda curious to know I have a few short but i kinda rotate things out on Chris I get that one so pathetic. It is nothing but often the prime so that we kind of state in place, but you know most of my cellphone it’s 8. Have you large containers on the garage for may contain it. But I keep thinking and so on. Anyways, yeah just curious about that. So I gotta keep up the good work great, so I’m really glad somebody if you’re given. The twitch nudity. This is a family you know. So if it works, bye.
    • Vern’s VM – Hey guys, It’s firm. I don’t have a called in a while, but I suppose to show every, every, every month and keep up with a toy world for you guys. We have been collected too much, a, you know that was sick like managed and ever since. Maddy pissed me off. I have any make, like in the Amy online. I don’t wanna do appreciate it and all that stuff that goes on with them, got a pretty neat story, I’ll tell you guys about. I want to call land. I had and all. All that I was basically like my second marriage. Growing up is dedicated and I’d spent. If I was in a parish out of the down there house and have any kids to the kinda you know man. My sisters were like their their kids So I spent a good part much outer ground down there and it over the years. You know, you lose touch and things like that. And And I thought that you know all of my old was are eventually sold or a flea market or York’s error and things like that bye bye. Ten years ago. My aunt passed away and my own cool. I’m remarried. And you know peace. You Know been doing this thing and then a couple like Now I’m off ago. He passed away and I got a phone call, and his wife. His next, with a married she said, Look, she says i have stuff here for you. That Your of what seat you know what he’s got in the box. And you know the E R The Head cat means that you know. Give it to you, but you can forget about it, so I thought it was like old drawings pictures and stuff like that. You know if that’s we should do that, our time, will be holder go down there and so box of my transformers from when I was a kid, clearly 30 of them or more nap box. I mean, it’s all Jen one so it’s up to up I’ll stop my head like prime was in there. Maybe try on. Sally buzz Saul the store scream in there frenzy in laser B Randy, Trumbull, I, and I can. Jazz is in there. Shockwave. Jet fire which is one of my favorites of the kids. All the instructor. Com is on there RAM lock off the top my head and some other aunt donna lots bumped man. What up. What up. Awesome. I’ll just feeling to not only you know I have all of those old toys, but then the the original ones that you know I had a few kids, so got a fire me back up and maybe perceptual back whenever you get back in o’clock a little bit more. So I just wanted to, give me that guy’s story and say you know I miss you guys and hope we can catch up again some other time. M Janelle you what the box on the best had a blast down there And you know wall. We’ll get together sometime again soon, but not be able to work. I guess is awesome. And I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.
    • JD’s 2nd VM – Hey, it’s J. T. I just want to the Green Lancer, I didn’t have bad movie was to make sure their could’ve been a little bit more in there but before that we were told her soon. I was looking at the the Green 100 always which I look at it the other store. Whenever that closely, like. Blessings of house for rent if you had. I can’t believe that you’ve other, they should just get they canceled altogether. I’ve been held your table dreamland. Or you can have all I want to part company those characters into toys this message you twice ass, but, Yeah, well some Toys R Us. I picked up a Star Wars evolution Imperial pilot 3 package. I don’t think I’ve seen in the store. 2 years. But. They had a clearance price for the 13th. So, but I picked up got the going by leads and it’s got big dark later in the typewriting for that. So, I think that we go and pick it up. Yeah, the free market, so I really have about March, lately. I bought a couple of our works for you. eBay. That’s about it. Waiting the big bed. Toy Story to fulfill my pre order for the set of vintage weight 7. But I don’t know what about a case number your about the case seems to be getting them already and I just want to set up 6 Give. Hey, I’m never Axiom in stores in toys or else that I was just didn’t. Yeah, I’ve been about 12 and garden about. 12 for lunch about it store sucks but alright, I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye bye.
    • JD’s 3rd VM – Image. Hey, it’s Judy idea. Again, I don’t know I I I, I found. If you, or if you were G troopers and but I have the general locked that I wanted, so. Okay, have a I was aiming for 3 of the puberty troopers. I have been happy I got a lot because I want using for girl Because, That’s, mother, military run figure that out and hoping 4 4 ohh decades, and I’m pretty sure we’re never going again so he is ground but Yeah, they had ever HI. That way if I don’t want to wait 5 weeks sicko or but. They had everything there. But so it’s so And I still haven’t weighed with. With. But. Temple guard snake and all that other. So, that I’d seen no sign of that at all You know who’s going to finally decided. I don’t want some of the 2000 and X Masters with University of yours and, I think my so you know. After all these years. I’m sure the park. It’s cooled off a You know a lot easier to get and probably for reasonable prices, then, now No, not at all Yes. I’ve been up on eBay a couple of times and I, Hey, things are still going for it. I mean like move, 2000 index figures going for 30 bucks each. 25 bucks each in with you kidding me. After all this time they’re going for a most of the is masters who universe classics with you. Okay so okay I guess I’ll just wait like another 5 years and see if the market cools down. Kind of. I want. Robacho what I want both off and i wanna couple of the others. So Yes, Mother ever going so Yeah, I had a couple of years ago. Nice soul, the loss and whatever do have a couple of e man. I forgot how many different new pair of shoes. The new out with the new bags it yet. Adopted for a few years in there but I had a couple of those. I had a man I get there and ran man I get to you. I had skillet O’Ryan. Peace man. I got rid of all of you have a stupid so I’m gonna see if I get in there but still don’t have to wait a while and so. Yeah, school, you need to know how are you pursuing that line of putting too many came into was talking to you. I look forward to seeing you, best. But anyway. Okay, talk to you later. Bye.
  9. Grab Bag

    1. Star Wars

      Clone Wars Season 3 on DVD and Blu-ray October 18th, Season 4 starts Fall 2011 (preview video) and Live Action news

    2. G.I. Joe

      Cobra Strikes (or not) June 29th with The Rock as Roadblock, Elodie Yung as Jinx and Snake Eyes not to have lips

    3. Transformers

      Oakley brand DOTM 3D Glasses (BK toys)

    4. MOTU

      The Power and the Honor Foundation

  10. Peace