Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 057 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Master of the Universe

    • Mattel has no problem with customs being sold
    • No retailer exclusives for the 30th anniversary
    • The 2011 vehicle with have blue prints on the back instead of a bio (to be shown at SDCC)
    • She-Ra 2.0 and Swift Wind to be sold on the same date
    • 30th anniversary will feature a very special “subscription figure”
    • Process – Figures are planned out a year at a time (taken from our master roadmap list). From there the go to the Horsemen to sculpt. The sculpted parts are sent to Mattel for review and then to our vendor in Hong Kong. New parts are tool’d and molds are made. From there we are sent first shots to review and comment on. At the same time the package team completes the new package. After everyone has reviewed the figure and package at multiple stages the final product is put into production and shipped. The whole process from concept to toy takes about 14 months
    • Re-releases will be cut down on drastically
    • SDCC panel have a vote for a color choice of a 2012 figure
    • 200x Keldor swords coming in 2012
    • Man-E-Faces almost definitely will have an extra head “Quite a few. One figure for the end of 2011 will have 3 heads”
  3. Star Wars

    • No more Galactic Heroes of any kind
    • Characters and vehicles only seen in smaller story arcs much less likely to be made
    • Han to be retooled to sit on Taun-Taun
    • Princess Leia Organa (Bespin Outfit) coming to the TVC
    • Next set of 3-packs with have “a good amount of newness”
    • Vintage Tarkin and Ben Quadinaros
    • More vehicles in vintage packaging to be revealed at SDCC
    • SDCC reveal of update to card backs in TVC line (Landspeeder at Target end of 2011)
  4. G.I. Joe

    • Moving away from the environmental theme of PoC for the 30th anniversary line
    • The Data Viper did not make the final cut for the 30th anniversary line
    • Cobra Viper will be re-released with more accurate red wrist guards with more weapons instead of the launcher
    • Canada to get Cycle Armor and HISS Scout
    • Movie line will replace the 30th anniversary line
    • No more retailer exclusives this year
    • A significant number of Walmarts will pick the line back up in the Fall
    • No Low Light in upcoming cases
  5. Peace