Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 058 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast and site

    2. About Us

    3. Contact Us

    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Toy News

    1. Con News

    2. Hasbro replacing Optimus Prime Kreon

    3. GJCC subscription details via club magazine

    4. New Star Wars Class 1 Fleet vehicle

    5. DOTM Repaint Topspin, Cyberverse Dark Sentinel Prime and Roadbuster and Optimus Prime

    6. Hurricane Hordak and Leech bios and in package

    7. Next wave of Vintage 3-packs revealed

    8. Fan Made Projects

  3. Store Report

    1. Jaime

      • New SW Legacy wave have hit, a few mixed waves in the vintage but NOT MUCH,the Green Lanten toys are bad and not moving. MEGA store Toy sale Down Under for Target and K-mart.
      • Walmart – Lego Imperial Shuttle for $448, TF -Takara Optimus Prime Jet wing for $148,a Transfomers 3 pack with a Bonus Rodimus Figure for $15.64, Vintage 3-packs for $24.84
      • K-mart – DOTM exclusive BumbleBee for $12, Autobot ARK for $49, Leader Ironhide and BumblBee for $65 ea down from $89
    2. Sightings

    3. In The Ads

      • TRU: BOGO 50% Star Wars Lego
  4. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  5. What We Got

    • Featured Custom: JD’s Jaso and Jesa Mc’Spil

    • Toy Review: Titanium Rodimus Prime

    • Listener Feedback and Questions

      • Vern’s vintage collection
      • JD’s VM – Hey, it’s late in the, so whatever it’s, J. D. I know long time no voicemail. Well I got a phone and. I’ve been lazy. So. Yeah, I went to the dark at the Moon, and I liked it so I could lot. I everything that 3 D movie since after dark. I thought you know what this probably working on the scene 3, D so. My girlfriend and I went to the, and we both enjoyed it, but I really like the look into the septic downs in it, but I couldn’t figure out who, after the characters or who have the bad guys were so so. It inspired me to go by the novelization of it. Written by Peter Dave did and so I’m reading through that now, and not, you kind of surprised it out, well actually, full, flip flop. It will be far as I can remember it but Yeah, yeah, dash, who does provide new age for some of these characters, and I just couldn’t figure out like to do. Guys We’re, chasing our, Z buyer and I did. What’s his name on the throughway company incident, but, it’s good she had. So Yeah, we’re looking to read the book, I can recommend it. It’s definitely go in but effective anything. I think I want to see if there’s books for the first of all these goods, kinda curious about those. Although, as soon as the first of a couple of times each. But it’s been a long time. I really want to go back to lots of again at So I don’t think they’ll be as cool with her was but I haven’t got a bunch of the way it’s always goes well. The stores around here, so I can. I have an order to talk to you later cos really nothing new out. This is another to my weight 7 from but. Ohh Star Wars and I really haven’t gotten much So. But yeah, I figured I’d check in. What you guys know. Hey, I’m still alive. So I. So that’s what posted rubble scale most. Funny because I never laces on that board so that Yeah, I’ll talk to you later. I I like the idea. The regular segment, but we’ll figure out the logistics of that but alright, I’ll talk to you Later. Bye Bye.
      • JD’s Entry – I’ve never been to SDCC but my favorite memory from seeing pictures and videos and shit online has to be the 30 second first look at GIJoe Resolute from 2008. Not much was shown but the little bit that was really whet the community’s appetite to see more, see what we assumed would be a more violent (therefore “grown up” Joe) that what had been animated before. I watched shitty resolution video someone recorded of the clips played on that projection screen, saw the lights dim in that room there, listened as the attending audience “ooooh”ed and “ahhhh”ed at the quick glimpses at the action, and then finallysilently cheered along with the audience who roared and clapped in excitement at end of the clipshow when Snake Eyes stabbed that Coobra Trooper. I remember that was one of the few times I kinda wished I could have been in San Diego at the show, sitting with the other geeks to get my first look at the animated Joe that Hasbro promised… but only semi delivered on. That video has shitloads of promise and those Joe fans who got to see must have felt their heads swimming at the spectacle they had just witnessed. Meanwhile all I could do was exit youtube after seeing that video and switch over to an online forum to talk about that video and complain that we needed to see it in higher resolution as soon as possible! Resolute had endless potential for fans who missed animated Joe vs Cobra action. We didn’t even know yet when we saw that 30 second long clip that all it was going to end up being was some online cartoon short. Back then we speculated they were showing us a possible new TV show. And lest we forget it was the beacon of light for a lot early hater Joe fans who were wary of how the then-in-production RISE OF COBRA would turn out. SDCC ’08 sure did kick start a lot of hype over an animation adventure that Hasbro promised would be THE Joe for we the adult fanboys who played with 80s Joe when we were kids!
      • Jaime’s Entry – This is my favorite memory of “motherfucking comic con” with Jason, Jes and new hosts. Listening to your boy Dan Shea and Mark talk about the cultural impact of star wars! Classic just classic. The “meet’n’greet” with Seth Greene… look i’m not a fan but to do this (to be a dick) to a (former) fan, fucking sucks! this is why fans turn. With that said the two part o.y.t.c is the best comic con experiences i’v never had.
      • Jason Martian’s Entry – Okay, well the thing I enjoyed most about past SDCC’s were the ‘Lost’ panels and most of the Hasbro exclusives
      • Steve’s Entry – How you doing this and if it makes a favorite. I’m sorry the Steve again thing I This is an attempt and exposes. I was hoping to get my hands on it. I hope I win the contest, but we’ll see what happens. But I do remember is probably going to be the start of water I for kind of under the best thing I think they’re have for com kind of looses That is 5. My favorite memory of them. I love all I have a pass but definitely sort of water stand out over at all of them. But I just got those into the last podcast the Q&A. It was great. I love this quick simple point, but I do miss miss my favorites chime in and which I do love that’s gotta have a time and I’ll times, and just one sale of the show and Q A, but the workload you guys. Alright, thanks a lot. Bye bye.
      • Cliff’s Entry – Actually, I think this is ever cliff. I just talked to her friend. I’d like to talk to God and I just wanted to do to help. Thanks, look for that in 3. Bye. When you get my paper cover kinda 3, I would have to spend with probably 07 went down several, and I think you’re sort of, with that full size and then park one out there We’re, You former machine. I think when I thought that I’d like to see function and I was just like also, and I don’t know, Hey Jeff, hoffman this. Another point but yeah breaks has always and I’ll talk to talk to you soon. Later.
      • Justin’s Entry – Yes, my name is Jesse worried. I just wanted to call into the calling test for us to come a calling name is Justin from North Carolina. Indicates Correct. I just want to say that You Guys. So really doesn’t give me through the days I work full time 12 hours shift. About 6 days a week so I wanted to say I appreciate it and feel free to hit me back at The error cool. Go to talk to waive any tom at yahoo dot com. You guys take care now.
      • Justin’s official entry – I would say my favorite thing about sdcc would be all the news you find a about the up coming toys for the next year.
    • Grab Bag

      1. Star Wars

        Vader Project nominated for Designer Toy Award and Spoonful of Star Wars

      2. G.I. Joe

        What’s on Joe Mind Podcast

      3. Transformers

        Thwipster and Figure of the Day

      4. MOTU

        New MOTU-inspired Hot Wheels

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