Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 065 Show Notes

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  2. Battle Beasts (Beastformers)

    • Photos
    • 2″ anthropomorphized animal with body armor and a unique weapon
    • Produced by Takara and distributed by Hasbro in 1987
    • 3 series for a total of 76
    • 4th series, Laser Beasts, had 36
    • Some clear promo figures
    • 3 vehicles and bases
    • Rub symbols (fire beat wood, wood beat water, water beat fire, later a sunburst would beat all)
    • Weapons were unique and correspond via a number
    • Appeared in the Headmasters cartoon “Rebellion on Planet Beast”
  3. Cabbage Patch Kids

    • Photos
    • Created in 1978 by art student Xavier Roberts, originally were cloth dolls sold at craft shows
    • Brand became one of the most popular toy fads of the 80’s
    • Longest running doll franchises in America.
    • 1982-1988 Coleco was the original manufacturer and gave them their signature vinyl heads.
    • 1988 Coleco went bankrupt and Hasbro bought the rights
    • 1988-1994 Hasbro continued the brand bringing in more gimmicks to the dolls (Birthday Kids and Splash n Tan Kids)
    • My all-time favorite is the “Pretty Crimp and Curl” line. (Monica Ruth)
    • 1994-2003 Hasbro bought the rights to brand and production.
    • Mattel’s biggest line was the 1996 OlymiKids released to coincide with the Olymics.
    • 2003 Toys “R” Us snatched the line from Mattel. They produced 20” Kids that closely resembled the original 1980’s dolls in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the line.
    • 2004 Play Along Kids bought the exclusive rights to the brand and released a line on QVC.
    • Play Along Kids still holds the license to the brand.
    • In 1999 Danbury Mint released a line of porcelain CPK.
  4. Super Powers Collection

    • Photos
    • 3.75” Action Figures
    • Action features when you squeezed the arms or the legs
    • 3 series were released between 1984-1986
    • First 2 series were packaged with a mini-comic
    • Tons of tie-ins
    • Tower of Darkness playset featuring the likeness of Darkseid was never produced although it was shown at Toy Fair
    • Unreleased series
  5. Care Bears

    • Photos
    • Created in 1981 by Those Characters From Cleveland (TCFC), a division of American Greetings Corp.
    • 1982 the line was launched in NYC, and was touted as the “biggest character launch in the history of retailing”.
    • 1983 they made an appearance at NYC’s Toy Fair, 26 licensees were involved in the launch.
    • General Mills and Parker Bros were part of that list
    • 1984 the Care Bear cousins were launched
    • The line contained not only the stuffed animals, but books, movies, TV series and soundtracks to name a few.
  6. Starriors

    • Photos
    • Approximately 5″ robots with interchangeable parts
    • Produced by Tomy in 1984 in conjunction with Marvel
    • Originally based on Zoids
    • Each was packaged with 1 of 4 mini-comics
    • 2 new mini-comics were written but sporadically include with the 2nd and final wave
    • Three classes Protectors, Destructors and Guardians
    • Little drivers were actually “control circuits” made in the human image
    • Wind up action features
  7. Popples

  8. M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand)

    • Photos
    • 1/24 scale vehicles with drivers that “transformed” into more battle appropriate configurations
    • Produced by Kenner in 4 series from 1985 to 1988
    • M.A.S.K. battled V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem)
    • 1st series is what most of are familiar with
    • 2nd series focused on second season vehicles and characters
    • 3rd series were based around a race theme
    • 4th series was call “Split Seconds” in which every vehicle split into two vehicles
    • If they are complete and fully functional they command pretty high prices on the secondary market
    • Cartoon had 75 episodes over two seasons
  9. The Hugga Bunch

    • 1985 toy line from Kenner and Hallmark Cards
    • Plush dolls that “loved to hug”
    • The toys inspired the “Hugga Bunch Movie”
    • In the film, a girl travels through her mirror into HuggaLand to find a way to keep her grandmother—the only one who knows how to hug—young.
  10. Runner-Ups

  11. Honorable Mention
  12. Peace