Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 068 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

    1. About the podcast

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    4. What are we drinking?

  2. Death Star Ornament Contest

    • Steve’s automatic entry
    • Eric Perez’s – My favorite toy of the holidays is Sideshow Commander Gree great figure!
    • Dan’s VM – Hey my favorites. How’s it going. This is Dan from California. Message 9 9 on you, too. So, first of all, Congratulations. That’s awesome. I’m so happy for you guys. It’s gonna be great and Yeah, so much fun. I just. I’ve got to my self. And I know. Well it’s it’s. It’s a great feeling as nervous as you are now. You gonna be fine. So you’ll be fine and my number 2 comes around. It’ll be a pretty stressed me So anyway, so for the holiday. It’s my favorite like Toy related thing is, is a transformer. It’s a rescue by and that’s blades. Because it’s the It’s the last one we needed to complete it He’s a cute little guy He’s really fun. My kids love them. There, indestructible, blade is a little easy to break in terms of his actual rotor blades, but on that. He’s indestructible. And so there you go. That’s my entry. Of course my absolute favorite gift was we got a. Webber’s spear grill. First, Dash mother at the maybe it’s awesome. It’s incredible. But. So, there you go. Great show. I love it. You guys are awesome. You know, no matter how long it is between shows that I was worth it so thanks for all your efforts and. Take care. Until next time, alright. Bye bye.
    • Justin – My favorite Christmas related “toy” was… nothing.. I didn’t get any toys from anyone for christmas since I have a tendency of picking up whatever I want to collect myself ahead of time. That being said i’ve got a sweet hercules that was a gift to me from me..
  3. Toy Fair 2012

  4. 4th Annual Toy Fair Giveaway

    Just let us know what you’re favorite thing was from Toy Fair by March 11th. A winner will be picked at random to receive a toy(s) from their favorite franchise with a value of at least $30.

  5. Peace