Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 071 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

  3. Toy News

    • Star Wars Distribution Issues – Wave 4 already sold out on EE
    • Renegades 4-pack and Retaliation 4-pack
    • Kabaya Wave 5 and Gaia Guardian (Fort Max)
    • Disney Custom Carbonite (previous rumor)
    • MOTUC Q and A
      • Mosquitor tease
      • No further production of the Bizarro/Faker 2-pack
      • Granamyr and price will be revealed at SDCC
      • Gwildor would include a bucket of chicken
      • Digital River updates dependent on contractual agreement
      • SDCC exclusives to be announced in April on
      • Combined Shipping explanation
      • Fisto issues
      • 12 equal payments possible
      • SDCC Exclusive is $30 because it will have more pieces
      • Sept MOTUC figure to be revealed on in May
      • Character Contest winner announced at SDCC
      • We had 8 different judges from 4 different areas of Mattel, Design, Packaging, Marketing and the Franchise group. Each judge could bring there top favorite to our final judge off and than each judge could vote for two figures but it couldn’t be there own. The winner was clear very quickly from that! But it was up to each judge to pick their single candidate from all the entries to bring to the final judge off. There were a lot of great entires and it was hard for each judge to only bring one entry to the final judge off! In the end, each judge brought the entry that “spoke” to him or her the most for a variety of reasons.
    • Million Publishing Generations Book
    • New “vintage-style” Joes
    • Club Membership Exclusives Shipping
    • Vintage Wave 3, 4 and 5 Case Breakdown
    • Hasbro’s New Packaging Initiative
  4. Fan Made Projects

  5. Store Report

    1. Sightings

    2. In The Ads

  6. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

    3. ShelfLife “The Future of Collecting”

      1. To create a free encyclopedia of every collectible ever made
      2. To provide the best collection management tools, community features and collectibles news aggregation yet seen
      3. To make Ebay useless to collectors by launching a next generation marketplace that blows that old tech away


      • News, social and shopping
      • Matching system for haves and wants
      • Curators neeeded
      • Marketplace launching in late April
  7. What I Got

    • Bumble and Me
    • Ultra Magnuses
    • Jinx
    • Stormtrooper 2-pack
    • WST Shattered Glass Prime
    • Junkion Blacksmith (Xtransbot)
  8. Featured Custom: Transforming Sky Striker Starscream (Thrust)

  9. Toy Review: Cancelled Joes (Arctic Threat Duke and Jurassic Park Joe

  10. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Bos Hogatron’s Correction Chris Latta 1994
    • Justin’s VM – What’s up with favorites. T 2086 8. K Justin’s get and I had a with your question for you. But just listening to your last show. Someone called in and had mentioned you people like hearing the sound of 0 voice or Not today, like it or they ever unhappy hearing room boys and I guess. A. I hate this end of my voice. So, yeah. I can’t stand it. But you do have actually for me made it easier. 2 stomach. I suppose that now it’s gone from can’t stand it to you It’s all right, anyway moving on to my question with. You guys having a junior make favorite showing up, sometime soon, and me just recently having a niece born last week. I was thinking about the toys in my house and the accessibility for kids. I was wondering have you guys going ahead and tile approved any of your choice to get them. You know, the ones you don’t wanna broken. Just out of the reach a little and and. ON top of that. Have you gone ahead and picked up anything You know, for yourself, mostly, but something you don’t care if a kid, get their hands on. For instance I have, All except the Boulder rescue, but, Transformers hanging around my house. And yet so Obviously if someone comes to visit. I will be giving those is toys and not my masterpieces, or stuff like that anyway hello. Talk to you later. Bye.
    • Dan’s VM – Hey my favorites out the going on this is dan. California so. I was listening to your last. So, okay excuse my voice. I was 6. I’m still recovering, but anyway. For the last episode and slick had mentioned that he had podcast burnt out, and I was a lot of podcast, so it kinda got some. Dear Sir and I had as well. And if you got me thinking about podcast. In general, when I like and don’t like about and I notice that what’s up. I guess I was since you are what you call. M at your podcast or not professionals. I just a group of people that for free, user on time to put out this thing like a hobby and it’s very cool that they do that A lot. One of the side effects is that it tends to be a group of friends, that our friend outside of the podcast, which. On the positive side and needs at this. Chemistry and slow and you know it makes for better listing, but on the negative side. It also means that For the most part on big issues there. All of a someone might because they’re friends of the talk about it, some like that so. When you listening. They’ll something that they don’t like comes up. The male bashing for a while and then something that they do like comes up and they all praise for a while. And the thing that they’re missing. Is that dissenting voice and I, and I always think that and to be honest, that’s one of these the Burns me out with it is. It’s just sort of this have been flow of everybody going wonder actually are going to go another. With the professional podcast. I listen to you like, you know, sports talk and you know things like that, and so. Because they’re. It’s a professional saying. Dave literally make it so that they bring in people of different opinions. So they talked. You know about it and I actually have a the new once discussions that I’ve just everybody pick it apart or build it up. If you know what I mean. So, anyway, that’s the sort of some thoughts on podcast and that the You got me thinking about. And as it relates to open your toys, wanted things. I appreciate is that This is my favorite. Greetings that to the show because it’s not just like talk about what he likes it doesn’t like This is a rick. I, comes in with that objective voice. You know, being like what never seen this before, but look stupid crime. There’s just one of those great or whatever. And I have that on Mon. Life with my wife and I think that’s really cool, to the C on that podcast, so I think that’s one of the strengths of your show anyway, hopefully if that’s the could sites enough. The. I wanted to make sure the short up that on show great show. Thanks a lot and Can’t wait to that you have an expense of so. Take care and Yeah. Hope all is well and You know, Good Luck and all that. So if you go alright and he’s a bad feelings about alright. Bye bye.
    • Botcon Overview (Andy)
      • With the large sums of cash being traded for plastic crack, do you have any recommendations on how to keep it safe and secure at the con?
      • Are past Botcon exclusives available from FunPub? (i.e. SG Optimus Prime?)
      • Parts parties: How, who, when, where?
      • Is it true that Peter Cullen’s mustache is made of unicorn hair and rainbows?
      • Seibertron’s Guide
  11. Grab Bag

    1. Star Wars

      Hallmark’s 2012 Ornaments (Plastic Galaxy Kickstarter)

    2. G.I. Joe

      Retaliation Character Posters

    3. Transformers

      G1 Calendar

    4. MOTU

      30th Love – New Comic, Filmation Soundtrack, Glasses

  12. Peace