Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 074 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Toy News

  3. Fan Made Projects

  4. Store Report

    1. Sightings

      • Stores breaking Retaliation street date, which has now been lifted, toys out in mass
    2. In The Ads

      • Target: Star Wars BOGO 50% off
      • TRU: G.I. Joe BOGO 50% off
  5. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  6. What I Got

  7. Featured Custom: ARAH Soundwave

  8. Toy Review: True Heroes AB-115 Shark Plane (Rob’s Review, Toys’R’Us Listing)

  9. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Justin’s (T2RX6) VM – What’s up baby. It is Justin to see if you are a prick here And I am just listening to show it be right there in time, 7 AM here and I heard that you call and give you a voicemail about how do you remember my name Obviously I can’t tell you because it is the name that was born out of the type of if it’d been key. U R X 7 you to my love of automobiles, and I thought. So it if you are expect hello and tell you how I’ve got my name that was the size of I did you guys come up with your name maybe you said it at some point before but. As someone who hasn’t been a project subscriber isn’t the beginning. I’d be interested in, alright. Well I’m off to work with is far less exciting. Unevenness which you know. The to you later.
    • Devall’s VM – Hey Mike, Favorite still boss here. Hey, I just want to call and give you guys prospering of amazing podcast that. And on kind of days to say that I just discovered. I’m I’m really busy. You’ll have to get sick. If you have a car going on there. Our car anyway. I just wanted to see if you guys. Props to say that you guys really help the work they will but I tried to catch up with backward. Actually, it’s kind of like a time machine. Let’s go back in time, here use the already happened, but anyway. ON the busy guy. And I do a lot of phone interviews and get a lot of chances to keep up with and use that Major 4 times and you can answer it out with that. So if you could work and.
    • Engineernerd’s VM
  10. Grab Bag

    1. G.I. Joe

      G.I. Joe Retaliation pushed back until March 29th, 2013 (Episode 73)

    2. Star Wars

      New Carbon-Freeze Me Experience (video)

    3. Transformers

      Transformers: The Ride 1:1 Allspark (Optibotimus Review, Ride Commercial)

    4. MOTU

      New 6 issue series from DC starting July 4th (Interview with writer James Robinson and Philip Tan)

    5. Two New Toy Show on Syfy

  11. Peace