Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 078 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

    • CVI:
      • Celebration Europe II
      • Exclusive Lego Slave 1
      • TVC Royal Guard
      • Legacy Wave 2
      • Post panel pics (* I eluded the Slave 1 was the large-scale, it’s actually a new Class II mold)
      • Jedi Template Archives Q and A 1 and 2
        • Hasbro is sitting on a huge stock of TVC cases they are trying to get into discount retailers
        • Reducing number wave 1 of Legacy to combat Episode 1 issues
        • Possible “Trench Run”-style AOTC set coming
        • Wave 2 of the Class II starfighter assortment unlikely to hit retail
        • With Exclusives, Hasbro prefers pre-release to repacks
        • Clone Wars will not longer have 14 PoA
        • More TOR figures on the way
        • Basic figure lines are always the poorest sellers of all Star Wars product
        • Possibly a Vintage packaged Mando Gunship
        • Season 5 of Clone Wars will be written in small arcs just in case of cancellation
        • Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead) and Lobot confirmed as sculpted and tooled
    • Power-Con: Free prints w/ admission, MOTUC secret accessory, Meg Foster (Evil-Lyn)
    • Coil Con 2012 Exclusives
  3. Toy News

  4. Fan Made Projects

  5. Store Report

    1. Sightings

      • MTT at Walmart
      • TRU Speeder Bikes
      • Transformers Prime Deluxe Wave 5 (Kup and Rumble)
      • Cyberverse Legion & Commander Wave 4 (Skyquake)
      • Voyager Dreadwing
      • TRU/Asia Exclusive in Canada
      • Prime 1st Editions will be at TRU, EE and BBTS
      • Target Darth Maul Returns on Sept. 11
      • New Asia Exclusive Legend variants and more Dollar General Joes
      • Kmart Vintage packaged AT-ST and 2-packs
      • TRU Exclusive Kre-O Devastator with Ironhide
      • Wave 6 of Star Tours figures
    2. In The Ads

      • Nothing
  6. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

      • None
  7. What I Got

  8. Featured Custom: Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus

  9. Toy Review: MOTUC Griffin

  10. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • AliasAngelAlias: If I haven’t mention this before, you both have a fantastic voice! Like radio personality perfect, now I wonder what you both look like in person to match your awesome voice box. Will you both there at Celebration VI 2012 this year? You realize that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, and the most famous person out of them all… “Me” going to be at Celebration VI. Haha Hope to run into my favorite couple podcasters.

      Another thing about Star Wars, I never actually into the “B-Wing” (Star Wars Vehicle). I never own one in the past as a child but now… I have 2 of them. It is the Kmart Exclusive Vintage Collection B-Wing. I got them both on clearance for just $14.99 each. XD You should totally get one!

      Are you into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle when you where a kid? I just purchase the new Playmates 4″ action figure with 12 points of articulations and those are pretty neat. Aesthetically I like these more then the 6″ version. Although the 6″ version does have 34 POA (points of articulation) which I know you like because you are all about POA. Which version are you going with?

      You know what so funny about your show, is that I’m happy and psych about all the toy news but at the same time I hear MrsMcFav pain of agony. I’m not sure if I should feel fantastic or feel the pain with MrsMcFav about the toy news. What a mix bag of feeling LOL!

    • AliasAngelAlias (custom Crimson HISS): Do you think $125 for Mark Mamill autograph is worth it (per item)? If you think so, what one item would you pick to have him sign? If not, please explain to us?
    • T2RX6 Good Day! You guys questioned why you don’t get any emails… So here’s an email instead! On your most recent episode you guys (ok just slick) mentioned that the GI Joe Vehicles need to go away, but then later on went to express what seemed to be some form of excitement about Star Wars Vehicles such as the big Millennium Falcon and other vehicles. Of course maybe it’s just my reading into you guys discussing toy news.

      But arguably Star Wars has even more vehicles than GI Joe (At least as of late) has. Why would GI Joe vehicles need to go the way of the dodo whereas the Star Wars are necessary? Is it because the Star Wars Vehicles are so iconic and go hand and hand with the Movie?

      Also notably, I know you have expressed some interest in the Corps vehicles that have come out (since they work with GI Joes). Do you think that a removal of vehicles from GI Joe is just something that completionist collectors would like to see or do you think it has no place in any (or at least a majority) of the people who are buying GI Joes? I remember when I was young I always enjoyed the vehicles to go with my GI Joes as they were the ultimate playsets, and at least with respect to other toy lines, playsets are the kind of thing I’d like to see make a comeback.

    • Jason Martian: I just finished the newest episode of OYT, and I knew I just had to write in. Two and a half years ago, when my daughters were born (yes twin girls), I had these wild fantasies about raising them in my image. They would grow to have the greatest wealth of pop culture knowledge, and they would be the first kids in their pre-school class to have read the entire LOTR saga. The other children would stand in awe as they masterfully recreated scenes from Star Wars and The Princess Bride. They would have seen every episode of Lost and Battlestar Gallactica a minimum of three times before the first grade.

      Many of these dreams may still come true, but it takes a REALLY long time. Before they reach the age of three, the only thing they even have an attention span for involves an insane amount of singing and dancing. That is all they seem to give a shit about. If the characters aren’t singing a new song every thirty seconds, they couldn’t be bothered.

      I occasionally change the channel to the Hub or put on an episode of Clone Wars in hopes that they will gain an appreciation of the “cool” stuff daddy likes, but most of those show have too much dialogue. Not even My Little Pony seems to interest them. You will find yourself watching some god awful cartoons just because your child seems to really enjoy it. Here is a list of some shows I would strongly suggest you try to get him/her hooked on. Trust me, you will not regret these recommendations.

      1. Yo Gabba Gabba! – YGG is a MUST HAVE in your house. I probably have watched thousands of hours of YGG and my girls never seem to get tired of it. They are drawn to the TV like a couple of moths whenever we put it on. The episodes are usually entertaining, and they have great musicians on it all of the time. You will catch yourself singing the songs at work. It is easily found on Netflix.
      2. Pocoyo – My girls don’t watch this as often, but it is a fun and entertaining show. The episodes are short, so it’s great if you want to limit the TV time.
      3. Team Umizoomi – Another great show with singing and dancing. Some decent math stuff as well.
      4. Super Why! – Super Why is tolerable. When we first started watching it, I liked it, but my enjoyment of this show has started to slip. They kind of jumped the shark when they introduced a dog to the cast.
      5. Sesame Street – SS is still good. My girls get bored with it sometimes, but other times, they really like it.

      Here are some shows I would avoid:

      1. Dora the Explorer/Go Diego Go – If logic defying plot lines annoy you, avoid these shows like the plague. They rarely make sense, and I find myself yelling at the characters because they are extremely dumb.
      2. Arthur – They have an episode about Arthur’s teacher getting cancer. Not really appropriate for a toddler.
      3. Martha Speaks – The main plot involves a dog eating some alphabete soup, and all of a sudden she can speak English. Not only is she a talking dog, but she sounds like a middle aged lesbian.

      I’m sure there are more on both of these lists that I am forgetting, but this should help you some in preparing. I know you want your kid to play outside all of the time, but there will be times where you are stuck in the house. At least you have options until they reach the age where they want to watch Transformers Prime.

    • Kass in Benton, IL: Greeting Mr. and Mrs. McFavorite. I was referred to your podcast by the guys who do the StarJoes podcast a little over a week ago. I’ve listened to several of your latest podacasts and I really enjoyed them. You two make a great team. And your show makes my work day at my cubicle go really fast 🙂

      I was wanting to get your opinion on some Transformers related toys. First off is the Revoltech line of Transformers. I have Megatron, Starscream, Rodimus and Optimus setting on my desk at work. Since they don’t actually transform is that blasphemous for a collector? I for one think they look great. Also I think I heard on your podcasts that your a fan of the MasterMind Creations line of Transformers? If so what do you think of their upcoming “Seekers” line? I think they are called the Knight Morphers Airborne Squad? I’ve been very impressed with some screenshots that I’ve seen. I’ve never bought any 3rd party unofficial figures before. And they seem to be a fair bit pricey. But I think I’m ready to take the plunge and get the Air Screech version whenever it comes out. I believe it’s the Starscream model.

      I tend to ramble on a little to much in my emails so I’ll say adios for now.

    • Engineernerd’s Mp3
    • SDCC Contest: Winner T2RX6!

      • T2RX6’s Voicemail
      • >Cliff from Maine: Hi there just gotta say that this hobby is not an easy one if you live in Maine and your merely a factory worker. First of all it seems like Maine is the last to get any of the lines. I can when I find them get about two figures a month in 3 3/4. Masters classics have been impossible cant do subs. I really only need a few of them that I liked from the show but they are hard to come by. I get Star wars, Marvel, My little Pony and a few random odds and ends from other lines. Well anyway the reason I’m writing is to tell you that your show and What’s on Joe Mind keep me going. I know I’m not in league with all of you or the listeners as collecting goes but it is very fun and your show really keeps me informed and just makes my day go easier.

        Anyway just heard you were doing a swag giveaway but more like something from one of the four lines because you did not go to Comiccon. Well sweet. I didn’t either. I’ve never been to one. Me and the wife just can’t budget it. I do love hearing about them though. I guess I should ask does this disqualify me from entering? The best thing I heard about from the con was the badass Helicarrier that thing looks pretty damned sweet.

      • AliasAngelAlias: My Favorite things at SDCC 2012 was actually “Two” things. One, The Hall of Iron Man was displayed at SDCC 2012! This display is by far the most impressive in my opinion. Just imagine how they transported all the armors to the location and the safety issue of people trying to touch the heavy armors. Two, the Hot Toys display at SDCC 2012! If anyone at SDCC missed this epic display, go ahead and kick yourself.
  11. Grab Bag

    1. Star Wars

      Star Wars Detours

    2. Transformers

      Philip Reed’s ( “Transforming Collections” Kickstarter

    3. G.I. Joe

      Nike Crossovers (Destro, Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow)

    4. MOTU

      Pop Culture Shock He-Man Statue

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