Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 079 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

    • Designer Con 2013 at the Pasadena Convention Center on Saturday, November 3rd (Designer Con started back in 2006 as a small vinyl toy show and has since expanded into a 50,000 sq. foot toy/art/apparel/design convention with over 2,000 attendees.)
    • NYCC at the Javits Center on October 11-14th (Transformers Panel and Hasbro Event)
    • NJCC at the Holiday Inn Cherry Hill on Sunday, October 7th (Modern Carded Metalhead Giveaway)
    • Power-Con:
      • Videos: Pixel-Dan and SeanxLong
      • Photos: Email and Panel, Display Cases
      • MOTUC Panel
        • Frosta gloves reversed on most by the factory (subs can return and a special gift)
        • Snake Face with removable snakes and swappable heads (April)
        • Karatii (May)
        • Octavia all tentacles are a little different. You plug them in yourself. (June)
        • NYCC Art Show at Toy Tokyo (ToD Sorceress for sale)
          • Fall 2012 pre-sale (no charge, but authorization)
          • B-sheet will be revealed at NYCC
          • An actual sculpt for Toy Fair 2013
          • Based on Mark Taylor prototype
          • $200
        • Q and A
          • Flat fee for figures $30-35
          • Possible CG add-ons after pre-sale
      • ToyGuru Walkthrough
        • No ball-joint shoulders on Procrustus
        • Castle Grayskull $200-250
        • B-sheet (rendered drawing) will show scale and features
        • Need about the same amount of pre-orders as subs in 2013
        • Possible CG features
          • Elongated mouth
          • Mineraette (removable) at top
          • Ledge
          • Play mat
          • Torture Rack
          • Bat jetpack
          • 3 level (a gangplank at the very top for display)
          • Hidden chamber for the orb
          • Revolving hidden door
  3. Toy News

  4. Fan Made Projects

  5. Store Report

    1. Sightings

      • Jaime’s Store Report: Well if your a transformers fan this is the place to be cause transformers Kre-O have gone on sale BIG TIME! the Optimus Prime set has droped from $129 to $29.99, both Sentinel and Megatron sets $69.99 to $19.99 & Ratchet and Prowl set’s drop from $39.99 to $9.99, also showing up is the ‘Transformers Fall of Cybertron’ Deluxe figures for an overpriced $28ea in all the stores and Transformers Prime toy line is still yet to go on sale so I still have yet to pick up any of those.
      • TRU MP-10
      • Wave 2 Fall of Cybertron
      • GDO TRU Deluxes, Scouts and Legends all spotted
      • Kmart Vintage 2-packs
    2. In The Ads

      • Nothing
  6. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

      • None
  7. What I Got

  8. Featured Custom: Frenzy Rumble’s G2 WST Seekers and Seeker

  9. Toy Review: T2RX6’s TRU MP Thundercracker Video Review

  10. Listener Feedback and Questions

  11. Grab Bag

    1. Star Wars

      The Essential Reader’s Companion

    2. Transformers

      New Stern TF pinball game (Amazon) Oh yeah and this.

    3. G.I. Joe

      G.I. Joe Initiate Ep 1

    4. MOTU

      30th Anniversary DVD Collection

  12. Peace