Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 083 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

  3. Toy News

  4. Fan Made Projects

  5. Store Report

    1. New toy store: ToyZam

    2. Sightings

      • Walmart Lego Star Wars MTT Polybag
      • MOTUC at Walmart: ToyGuru responds
      • 2013 Star Wars Lego sets including planets
      • Other 2013 hitting shelves: Yoda packaging, Kreon Micro-Changers, Beast Hunters, Generations Wave 3
      • Jaime’s Store Report:

        STAR WARS! so as allways not alot in shop’s infact i don’t think i’ve seen anything new but we did have a CON here in the last few week’s & they had a stack of star wars toys i have not seen in stores, first up they had the ‘lost line” for $20-$25 ea (i passed) a Sideshow 2012 Boba Fett for $225 (i passed) so no new star wars this month but i did see the battle droid and stap for $25 at K-Mart that’s $5 off,i may pick up a few of those soon?

        Transfomers! So as allways not too much new but a few ‘fall of cybertron’ figs, all the TF Prime stuff is still not gone on sale but i did find a great sale at a supermarket they had Transfomers Dark of the Moon:cyberverse for only $5, they only had two left Megatron & Ironhide these are still still in my toy shop’s for $16.99 and at the CON i came across the Transformers Prime optimus prime megatron two pack with the kids! for $60 so i picked that up (and i did a Happy dance:)

        G.I JOE……? What you say? Jaime’s posting about Joe’s WTF? I KNOW I’ SHOCKED TOO. Well at the CON i did few things not much but two box’s full of Loose fig’s with there cards for $12-$18ea & some vehicles, i pass on it all 🙁

        Well this is a first i think? Masters of the Universe store report! first up my comic shop just got these MOTU Drinking glasses but there $50 for a set on 4! But at the CON a Booth had some of the MOTU toy line fig’s no He-Man or She-Ra but a stack of others fo $50ea sadly i had to pass at that price.

    3. In The Ads

  6. Online

    1. New Items and Pre-Orders

    2. Sales and Promos

  7. What I Got

  8. Featured Custom: Cyclonus X-30 Conquest crossover

  9. Toy Review: MOTUC Granamyr

  10. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Alias Angel Alias:

      Congratulation on your Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime. This figure is a tough find at TRU. I want to share with you some photos of my Takara version MP-10 Optimus Prime, checkout the link below.

      In my video, you will find that my Takara MP-10 has painted eyes that is because I had to purchase a completed domestic version and removed the eyes from that one and install it into my Takara MP-10 (just to make it definitive Optimus… in my opinion) What a crazy move to make it perfect huh? Making that Takara MP-10 now a $350 figure with the painted eyes from Hasbro. I’m not stopping yet… I need to pickup some repo-labels to complete the job of my MP-10. By the then, it will come out to be $380. XD

    • T2RX6’s VM: What’s up man. Favorite he joins leave here. The with think you’d be black friday 5 kit. On the Monday. After by Friday, but it was. I was and everything. You guys mentioned me black recipes route of it, don’t get it. Regardless of what point it is. That price point it is. It’s A very good. He has very we’d need to talk to people. But they’re complaining about the for opinion. I experienced one actually needed to buy a has, for around in the to replace is need. And everything business that I did look at a place. So. Even if they want for 100 bucks. I don’t know if I could necessarily recommend getting him and let you are prepared. 60 Hi Guys, It’s safe.
    • Chuck’s VM: Hey Mr. This is the favorite. This is Jack from start is podcast how you guys doing. Just long time. Listen, haven’t called on quite a while. Sorry about that You know, life and work. It’s in the way so I apologize for that, wanted to let you guys knows in the last episode. Thank you very much the B M S whole area should get together, Leever in every show from talent. I. I, I. Just, hey. C back on my kids were little and It’s a lot of fun for the slessinger’s so I I love it. Thanks Mr. Potato Head. Yeah easy neutral holy at my opinion, both for boys and for girls. I actually had a Mr. Potato Head growing up as a child. I had a sister group with her. She had a Mr became at 2 so. When I see Mr. Potato Head, I don’t think Girl store, I think, and neutral sex toys same thing with all ball or a silinsky and you can. You know they did support for waiting girls. So. Just thought I’d try and then with that. Also. Thanks for the Black Friday deals and stuff like that, so they will take advantage of a couple of those. Star Wars a little late tax from Walmart, little snag one of those so that was really cool. Thanks a lot for that and thanks for the hook up with the tweezer of stuff that you put out there. Really appreciate that. Anyway, just checking in. One of the wrap things up here before my time with over so Thanks for the Podcasting trip so it’s talk at you guys later. Hello.
    • John Solo:

      Thanks for the back-to-back episodes! I listened while I was organizing my toys in my garage and had to laugh whenever Slick would say “supposably” and Mrs. McFavorite would correct him. Sorry I started that whole thing, but it’s for your own good…..along with providing me many entertaining moments. You’re getting better, keep it up.
      One serious question and two silly ones:

      1. I found a Darth Malgus a while ago at TRU, but noticed not only it, but all the vintage figures had bent cardbacks. I bought it anyway knowing it was HTF and would probably never see it again on the pegs….which I haven’t. Have you ever run into this? What’s the deal? Is someone doing this on purpose, like a dealer trying to up the value of his figures by destroying all others? Frustrating.
      2. Ok, now for the silly. When you were a kid, did you find it confusing that Skeletor (a dude with a skull for a face) didn’t live in the castle that a huge skull on the front of it? It seems like a perfect fit, like he had it custom built for him with his likeness on it. Let the guy in! It’s obviously his castle!
      3. Also, wouldn’t a guy named Snake Eyes seem like a natural candidate for an organization named Cobra? “Hey, we got vipers, asps, rattlers & HISS tanks……, I think we have a spot for a guy name SNAKE eyes.” Am I right or am I right?
    • Engineernerd’s MP3
    • Isabell’s VM:
      Hello open your toys. Dot Com. My name is in a bowl of course best and I am a recent graduate of the Ohio Center for broadcasting and I met you guys and I met you guys at the Denver Comic Con of 2012 and I was wondering if you guys had internship opportunities available. I am a boulder colorado residence and I am fluent in SAM broadcasters I realize that your podcast. Therefore, you may not need help. Since you are just a few single individuals but give me a call. Nonetheless (720) 278-5494 or give me send me an email at sink or swim at rocket mail dot com. Thank you so much. My name is it is of course best and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Bye.
    • Bruce: McFavoritos, what it do?

      Last time I wrote your guys on here, they called me Saber…”now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. A long time.” I killed Saber, chopped his head clean off…we go by Bruticus now…long live Bruticus. In the last 3 years, I have certainly taken the Wonkavator route in life…or Wonka Vader if you include all of the Chocolate & Sweets I have eaten living on the Dark Side of D’Vorce. …and Speaking of Sweets…I ate every last bite of your Hallelujah Holiday yummies. I want to thank you so very much for always including a little piece of me in ya’llz life. You guys are very special to me.

      You guys, especially Slick, knew me before all of this madness took place…so that we’re clear…Besides school and work, I have spent most of my time thinking…and it is during all of this time of thinking, that my mind wanders aimlessly from dimensional portal to dimensional wormhole… If I could sum it up in TV talk, my reality show would be Dr. Who/What/When/Where/Why/Why/Why… You must forgive me for being as distant as I have been…it was never my intention. Slowly regaining conciousness…

      Slick – You made my last Botcon extraordinarly special…never thanked you for it… I wasn’t going to go…then you were gonna go as your last hurrah, so thought I would do the same…you saved me $ getting me in and all that good stuff… Botcon is big for both of us, and I think you understood how special it was going to be if I could just squeeze my *ss through the booth doors…just…one…more…time… Love you Slicky

      Mrs – Thank you for always sending me kind words through Facebook, phone, etc. You are always so sweet to me, and it’s that kind of compassion that people need and allthetimes crave…if only the world had more of it… Glad you have somebody in your life that loves you for who you are, and he truly does. A few days before the end of the Mayan calendar, I woke up one morning, looked at Facebook, and it made me sick. Since then, the sickness has continued…I guess I used it as a life support system for getting through all I’ve had to go through the last couple of years. So if I don’t post things on your wall, or mines…that’s why…

      McFavorites – I’m glad God blessed you with such a wonderful baby. May that McWonderful little McBlessing Mclighten every McMonth, McDay, McMinute & McSecond of every McYear.

      Now that school is out of the way, and work, work, work is on the agenda, I realize now, more than ever, that I need to get back to doing the things that made me happy in the past…and that includes toys. T.O.Y.S. That Overpriced Youth Sickness is back…we’ll see what happens…

  11. Grab Bag

    1. Star Wars

      Holiday Special items in the Old Republic, dates for next 2 3D Star Wars movies

    2. Transformers

      New Trilogy, fake poster, no comic book adaptation, leaked script?, Universal Studios walk-around Megatron

    3. G.I. Joe

      Retaliation: More Channing?, No early UK premier, possible 4 minute featurette, theatrical trailer

    4. MOTU

      New ongoing DC comic series

  12. Peace