Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 085 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Denver Comic Con Update

  3. Toy Fair 2013

  4. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Engineernerd’s MP3
    • Alias Angel Alias:

      1) Questions for both, What set or how many LEGO sets do you both own currently? Any recommendation?

      2) I’m sure you saw the listing for Kre-O G.I.Joe sets available at Toys R Us (as exclusive), how come Hasbro is able to sell these big play sets for half the price that LEGO is asking for their licensed product? Even Kre-O’s mini-figures have more articulation and more printing on the bricks then LEGO for that price, do you guys know what’s going on?

      Your question about my Celebration VI trip, I didn’t buy the VIP ticket. Any of the main panel waiting line is about 3-4 hours long. The signing line for Carrie Fisher was 4-5 hours long. I even saw people trying to sell their tickets for the autograph (50% off) because they didn’t want to stand in line. If you got VIP pass, your wait time for the big actors/actresses are around 45min-1.5 hours. If you have the money, VIP is the way of the force…!!! Anyway, I slaved through the line for Carrie Fisher, Jeremy Bulloch, Amy Allen, and Ashley Eckstein’s autograph.

    • John Solo:

      Good decision on having the GrandMcFavorites watching BMF during the show.
      I didn’t mind her too much, but at a certain point on the last episode, I could feel the tension between the two of you and it would be a shame to have the podcast end in an awkward rage-filled silence. Plus, I was about to give the kid the nickname of Baby McShowkiller. Glad I don’t have to now.

      Alright, now to the question…..We all know you consider SW, MOTU, TF and Joe as the 4 greatest toy lines of all time (which they are) but if you had to pick a fifth line to join that group, what would it be? For me, it’s gotta be Justice League (Unlimited) just based on breadth alone. It may have the most characters in any line….of all time. Don’t know that for a fact, but it sounds good. I know they hardly have any ariticulation and almost no vehicles or playsets, but the Timm-verse style is classic and the cartoon was, in my opinion, the greatest.

      Thanks again and good job on Dave and DeVall’s podcast. Also, never apologize for wanting to get drunk…’s our God-given right!

  5. Peace