Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 087 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. SDCC 2013 Update

  3. Denver Comic Con 2013

    • Comic Book Classroom

      COMIC BOOK CLASSROOM (also known as CBC) is a non-profit literacy and arts after-school program currently designed for children in grades 5-8. As a state standards-based curriculum, the program offers students not only a fun activity to do but solid educational engagement in their after-school time.

      Students in our program undergo a six-week instruction in reading, writing stories and eventually creating their own comics, which are then published in a class collection. CBC graduates are subsequently invited to participate in Denver Comic Con as guests to create sketches and/or sell their work.

      Currently, everyone in DCC and CBC – from Con Organizers to Curriculum Developers – are all volunteers and proceeds from Denver Comic Con go to the funding of Comic Book Classroom and the furthering of our educational goals. The massive success of Denver Comic Con 2012 earned enough money to allow CBC to greatly expand its mission.

    • Gorilla Recording

    • Friday

    • Saturday

      • George Takei
      • Phil LaMarr
      • G.I. Joe Stop Motion (PG-13)
      • Wil Wheaton
      • Twin Galaxies/King of Arcades Premier
      • MHSF MOTU Movie
      • Bubba Gump Shrimp (traditions)
    • Sunday

      • Erin Gray
      • Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day
      • William Shatner
      • Dealer Room
      • Mile High Horror Film Shorts
      • Sam’s #3
  4. 2nd? Annual SDCC Personal Shopper Contest – Let us know what’s the exclusive you’re most looking forward to? It doesn’t has to be the one we get for you by July 4th July 11th. (We’ve extended it a week due to the delay in posting the cast.)

  5. Peace