Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 088 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Botcon 2013 News

  3. San Diego Comic-Con 2013

    • Schedule

    • Gorilla Recording

    • Exclusives

      • Action Figure Xpress Booth 3345 – ThunderCats Minimates Series 4 Box Set $22 (PREORDERED BBTS) and SDCC 2013 Jay & Silent Bob Previews Exclusive Minimates 2-Pack $9.99
      • DC Entertainment Booth 2315 – Superheroes of Green Lantern Four-Pack $49.95
      • Diamond Comic Distributors Booth 2401 – SDCC 2013 Jay & Silent Bob Previews Exclusive Minimates 2-Pack $9.99
      • Diamond Select Toys Booth 2607 – Battle Beasts Minimates Shadow Merk $0.00 and SDCC 2013 Jay & Silent Bob Previews Exclusive Minimates 2-Pack $9.99
      • Hasbro Booth 3329 –

        * Angry Birds™ Star Wars® Special Action Figure Set $24.99
        * G.I. Joe Transformers Cross-over $99.99
        * Marvel Universe 3.75-Inch Deadpool Corps Special Edition Figure Set $49.99
        * Star Wars® The Black Series 6-Inch Boba Fett™ Action Figure with Han Solo™ in Carbonite Accesory $44.99
        * Metroplex $149.99
        * 5 piece G1 Action Masters $39.99
      • NECA Booth 3145 – Friday the 13th Jason (1989 Video Game Appearance) $25.00 (ask about skull pack and diorama)
      • Gentle Giant – Zombie Walker $5
      • Entertainment Earth – MP Soundwave $120 and Acid Storm $85 (eBay debacle)
  4. Annual SDCC Personal Shopper Contest – What’s the exclusive you’re most looking forward to? It doesn’t has to be the one we get for you.

    • Roger’s VM – Hey makes a versus is Roger from guys, which was podcast. I’m just calling to say that I’m very excited for sending you a call back on and the 1 Exclusive Alexander, Forrest of jet fighters schedule pack snake. I was really sucks for that pack. But I love the parents and the bludge and and I think the helm jeep is for the lateness of the copy of that one the most excited for Papa on board, so I just wish that they would have the same action if you still want where he does this again instead of just changing the bodies around but we can do. I just had a piece of ice for you guys are gonna come account. Don’t Do, Assaf. And definitely do it. My favorite style and yeah. Have a good time to Okay bye.
    • T2RX6 – Has Metroplex officially been announced for SDCC? If so that… If not that Sweet GI Joe set!
    • John Solo’s VM – Hi Ms serious. I surely message is too long. I’m going to miss your we’ll showroom and give you the top five songs. I’m excited about Senators Salazar I have zero ask for the top 5. So sorry but Yes, I was black, Melissa. Yeah, Hi, I’m calling alright. Yeah, schools, and the time ago. Yes, very cool. Yeah the yeah, just as well as cross or. Yeah, probably. Then on just wanted to let the transformers Tidings, 556 A, to very cool. Yeah, and Yeah, the other one is from at the many matches said, I thought it. Yeah, I was out the The yours, black. Melissa, yeah, i thought i was gonna be my number one. But thinking about it gotta be that you had your transforms crossover you just get it. So Much. Yang, that’s it For 100 bucks. Yeah ring. Yes, is a great deal of you so much. Yeah, I have to go to my Know. On. Yay. Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to the 6 since black series of i think later on in the disprove yeah years. Your currently down the line so young. I have to go with that you had a chance. I’ll talk to you later. Yeah, yeah, so i gotta say you guys do for a job. Yeah. Listen favorite. Keep up the cursing grades and Yeah, so I gotta say yo.
    • Alias Angel Alias’s VM
    • Roger’s 2nd VM – Hey me a favor. It’s just giving you a call back this is Roger from guys, It’s was podcast just wanted to say how much I really really really really really love to do. G. Joe send you a call my concepts. 11 this. The Jeff fire. Love and Barron, s, with right 18. ON the snake eyes, stupid as usual. I really wish you would expect wrapped or, or a crystal ball or something like that, so I thought, well as before and i was gonna snake eyes and everything. So, yeah. I just want to say have fun. I’ve sent you a call back on and what’s up with my camel that guy. There’s no within the web at. Is. Steve it.
    • Jake’s VM – Hey. Good morning Mr and Mrs. Favorite in Beijing favorite this is Jake Witherspoon, Corpus Christi, Texas. I am calling to let you know that I enjoy the show. I’m glad that you are coming back and doing the convention things again it’s entertaining to to hear your take on everything that’s going on. I’m also calling to be a part of the annual F B C, Personal Shopper contest. I am very very excited about the G. I. Joe toys that are coming out this time around. The schedule is just transformers crossovers set the parent s yeah and rabid you are just incredible. They’re really neat guy. You know the whole, that is everything that I do have zero fan or transport transit one and That’s kind of my short list. 2. That’s all. You know So I don’t know what else you want to say on the but I wanted to call and give you all voicemail conflict like some so much, bye.

    WINNER – Alias Angel Angel

  5. Peace