Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 100 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

  3. Save G.I. Joe and Sign the Petition

  4. Toy News

  5. 3rd Party

  6. Store Report

  7. Online

  8. What We Got

    • Dave
    • Roger
    • Swage66
    • Vern
    • Slick
  9. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • AAA – Glad we’re back and curious what we have up our sleeves for 100
    • Mike from Boston – Voicemail 1, Voicemail 2: Well, I got cut off my from Boston yet, but to finish my thought so yeah these figures will be able to pick up Hopefully Sunday at barnes, and Noble. We’re right now. If you can get that you are it’s just not exactly the star wars Sweet. You are and also plug for band their Star wars model kids specifically the first order so I’m super the deviate R2D2 around the $25 price point those are also unbelievable they’re very light been on a half teaspoon of the black series, but they have just as much or more possibility and instead of paint job that they’re pieces that fit together to create the different colors so they’re beautifully detailed the panel I need to just verify I mean figure out the nicer because I already put together an actual figures, but the markets a little more fragile later, but they’re closed the fun I can’t say enough good things both and I doing press Star wars thumbs up to Disney for taking a license and hand it off to them. So for people were complaining about star with black series meeting and put a quote on beltline the truth that line is the fh for you are it’s and if that’s if that’s what you’re looking for step up to that and you will not be disappointed take a look at them a swing you coming out and looked up to leave a little take a look at the tattoo in Luke looks unbelievable all that showed han solo. I think there’s again. There’s no comparison between the blackberries, and that you are so take a look at it alright Sorry about the long email and or excuse me a long voicemail, and I’ll be sure to call him again. I hope everything’s done episode 100 in gradulations guys and keep up the good work. It definitely is not falling on deaf ears. I’m actually enjoy the show Talk to you guys soon. Thanks a lot Bye.
  10. Grab Bag

  11. Peace