Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 103 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

  3. Toy News

  4. 3rd Party

  5. Store Report

  6. Online

  7. What We Got

    • Roger
    • Swage66
    • Vern
    • Slick – May the 4th Lego (instructions, poster), Kmart Starkiller Base Rey, Anti-Eterina He-Man,
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Listener Questions
      • AAA – How do you guys see the future of the Star Wars toy franchise? would it be stronger then Marvel, DC, or even Transformers? Have you tried the Star Wars Elite Series, SH Figuarts, Mafex, Bandai Model kits, and Black Series 3.75 and 6 inch series?
      • John N. – How do you all display your collection? If you could only collect one toy line,what line would it be? Have any of you ever considered quitting collecting toys or just lost interest in the hobby at any time?
      • Kass – What is your opinions on cloth capes for plastic figures? There seems to be a lot of hate online for them. I was very skeptical myself. And then I picked up a 6 inch Kylo Ren and a 6 inch Vader and I changed my mind. Although the 6 inch Emperor is kind of wonky to my eyes. I just wanted to say I would buy some 6 inch G.I.Joe’s in a heartbeat. Unless they were sold by Matty Collector. Are you guys fans of the 200X MOTU figures? I know there articulation is not great, but I love the sculpts, and they are from the Four Horseman. And speaking of the 4 Horseman I did order several figures from their Kickstarter last year and both of their Trolls from this year. Did any of guys order anything from their Kickstarter? Also I know you guys are not statue collectors but I am planning on buying the He-Man statue from SideShow Collectibles. I think a lot of people don’t like the face sculpt but I like it. And I’ll also probably get the Skelator statue which I think people are liking more than the He-Man statue. If you guys have any opinions on those let me know 🙂
      • Show length: Dan’s okay, John loses interest at 2 hours, Kass doesn’t mind
  9. Grab Bag

  10. Peace