Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 108 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

  3. Toy News

  4. 3rd Party

  5. Store Report

  6. Online

  7. What We Got

    • Roger
    • Swage66
    • Vern
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Rosic – Keep up the great work, the show is awesome. I found you through Dave and Devall’s show when you started back up with Dave as a member. I am curious why you (Slick) don’t like statues or 12 inch figures like those from Hot Toys or Sideshow. Kotobukiya has some great product out there and I would think there are other collectors such as myself who get a figure, pose it, and put it on a shelf where is stays just like a statue anyway. As a fan of Fury Road the only way I could get any representation of that franchise in my collection was to dive into the 12 inch world and get the Art Figures “Crazy Racer” which has since become a centerpiece in my collection. I look forward to more from your group and for whats its worth I am drinking a Fosters Oil Can. Cheers!
    • Scruff – I seem to remember Kirk Bozigian saying that Hasbro is full of Democrats and that he had to fight them to commit to a war toy like GIJoe back in the day.
    • AAA – Question 1: How do you guys feel about these figures coming back again? Question 2: Lately I have been thinking if I should replace my X-Transbots Apollyon, my question… which one is your MP size Megatron?
  9. Grab Bag

  10. Peace