Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 111 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

  3. Toy News

  4. 3rd Party

  5. Store Report

  6. Online

  7. What We Got

    • Roger
    • Swage66
    • Vern
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • Dan’s VM: Hey, what’s up? Everybody? This is dan. I’m california, and I just wanted to call and give you guys love for all the episodes you’ve been pumping out doing the doing the tough work that it takes to get us our podcast enjoyment and also just to say that man. You know I’m mainly transformers fan, but you know I know how good I have it and I just I just looked at the gi Joe franchise, and I just man I see those you know to pack releases the toys r us and I think. That’s it. I mean, it’s been years at this point. How can they have done nothing? I mean let me put it to you more succinct lee so I go to the store, and there’s you know at least 2 feet if not a full 4 foot section of cheap. You know army men action figures and vehicles and smack suits and all kinds of stuff, and I just wonder if the big brands at has bro. Just waste of their time and over thought it and I get that it’s a collector’s line, but you know maybe they should have just dumped it down wrong with the 5 poa done. Whatever they need to do to make them cheap enough to to fill that niche and that could be gi Joe branded stuff instead of off-Brand weird crap, so I don’t know. I just it just kind of struck me when I was in the store the other day, and I just I feel really bad for those fans. You know I would also feel is bad for the you know the masters fans accept you know this is if this is the end of an era. It’s the end of an amazing era where you got absolutely everything that you could have possibly dreamed of other than snake mountain and let’s be realistic. You know was that ever going to happen. I don’t know but Anyway, so obviously transformers the star wars there pillars. They’re in their full bloom right now, but someday. They will also sunset. I would imagine but I don’t know I just can’t imagine it being as dire as it is for gi. Joe or you know Masters now being abandoned by its its home company. I don’t know it’s very sad anyway. There’s two minutes and 30 seconds of awesome for you. You’re welcome. I’m out.
  9. Grab Bag

  10. Peace