Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 118 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

  3. Toy News

  4. 3rd Party

  5. Store Report

  6. Online

  7. What We Got

    • Roger
    • Vern
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • AAA: Hello guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration. I have a rant with Hasbro this time, what is with Star Wars Black Series 6” Case Assortment? Example… Rogue One BS6” (Wave 3 Case) SERGEANT JYN ERSO JEDHA (Again? Really Hasbro?) CAPTAIN CASSIAN ANDOR EADU (Are they trying to kill retailers? This is the 3rd time they reissue this figure) IMPERIAL DEATH TROOPER (No problem) DIRECTOR KRENNIC (Ok, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know he is the pegs warmer from the last wave and now they repack him again?) CHIRRUT IMWE (Most anticipated character!) BAZE MALBUS (Second anticipated character!) Why can’t Hasbro put Two Chirrut and Two Baze in this wave? People are going to fight over those two figures and give into those scalpers on Ebay. Is that what Hasbro is trying to create? It is really sad that Target, Walmart and all those other retailers are going to get stuck with all those reissue figures that are not even moving as it is. I mean… why not put Darth Revan or Sabine Wren out again instead of Jyn and that silly Blue Jacket Cassian Andor. Please help me understand “The Hasbro’s logic.” Keep up the good work as usual!
  9. Grab Bag

  10. Peace