Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 119 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News

  3. News


    • MOTUC reveals
    • 5.5 reveals
    • ReAction reveals
    • Pixel-Dan Super7
      • Filmation will include imp and chest and new arm cannon
      • Filmation will have same packaging
      • Figures will be grouped, no cherry picking (will be a payment system)
      • 2 3-packs for Power-Con (mini comic repaints and Power of Grayskull concept figures)
      • New vintage 5.5s (Eldor, He-Ro, Filmation He-Man, Skeletor, Hordak and She-Ra)
      • Wave 3 of ReAction
      • Wave 3 MOTUSCLE
      • MOTU micro vinyls (1.5 inch Japanese vinyl)
    • Pixel-Dan Four Horsemen
      • More goblins to come
      • Cyclops Troll
      • Want Ogres (would be between Troll and Humanoids), Giants (taller than Trolls), hopefully a Dragon and steads (bears!)
      • Older figures may be rereleased
      • Galactic Legions

    Star Wars (Hasbro Booth Walkthrough)

    • Official TBS 6 inch pics
    • article
    • SWAN Lego and more in-depth videos
      • Jakku Quad Jumper
      • Rathar Escape
      • Advent Calendar
      • Emperor’s Tracker
      • 1st Order Battle Pack
      • Imperial Trooper Battle Pack
      • Rebel Trooper Battle Pack
      • Republic Tank
      • Microfighter – Y-Wing, U-Wing, Tie Striker, Krennic’s Shuttle
      • Speeder Bike “Figure” Set
    • SWAN Hasbro and Q and A audio
      • Centerpiece bases light up
      • TBS 6 inch Leia really improved
      • Titanium 3.75 inch has reversible backdrop (foil one side, scene on the other)
      • Foil backdrops make a scene
      • The Celebration Luke has foiling
      • Vader will come with large vintage-style display base
      • LucasFilm make the Death Star Trooper black like the commander
      • Sharing articulation with Legends dependent on licensor approval
      • Seeing EPVII Luke in all scales
      • Nothing new SA 3.75 inch
      • 40th carded with be in boxes later
      • BAF would take away quality from a SW figures, Legends reuse a lot of tooling
      • New way to do tampos helping with registration
      • New Fan Choice this year for 6 inch
      • Secondary value is considered for re-issues
      • BMF and BAT-AT would be $400 today
    • TBS 6 inch: AT-ACT Pilot a Target exclusive, R4-D5 a Gamestop exclusive, new figures will come in standard boxes later

    Transformers (TR and TF5 press releases)

    G.I. Joe


  4. 3rd Party

  5. Store Report

  6. Online

  7. What We Got

    • Roger
    • Vern
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions

    • 🙁
  9. Grab Bag

  10. Peace