Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 141 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News (10 min.)

  3. Toy News (20 min.)

  4. 3rd Party (30 min.)

  5. Store Report (40 min.)

  6. Online (50 min.)

  7. What We Got (60 min.)

    • Vern
    • Lotus
    • AliasAngelAlias
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions (70 min.)

    • Wheeler: Are the TRUs in China remaining open?
    • Rock: What toy do you regret not buying at retail price only to watch it go way up on the secondary market to a price that you are not willing to pay.
    • Mark: Coke or Pepsi?
    • Matt from the UK: A 1000 Action figures or a Holy Grail? My reaction has always been the 1000 but I have started to change my thinking. None of us are getting younger (another mid 40s collector here) and the thought of leaving my family with an overwhelming amount of plastic stuff does concern me. Also the thrill of being able to acquire those grail pieces like Vinyl Cape Jawa with the profits from my collection is a real motivation. Discuss!
    • Engineernerd: I just want to say thanks to Peter for sharing. Loved all the pics!
  9. Grab Bag (80 min.)

  10. Peace (90 min.)