Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 145 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News (10 min.)

  3. Toy News (20 min.)

  4. 3rd Party (30 min.)

  5. Store Report (40 min.)

  6. Online (50 min.)

  7. What We Got (60 min.)

    • Vern
    • Lotus
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions (70 min.)

    • AAA: I believe I need to drop a story to support what had happen. I purchased them at HTS for MSRP when they put up the SDCC exclusives. Never opened them because they look too good in package. Shortly after I saw something that I want to pre order at one of those online Japanese hobby store. Need payment for the pre order, so I sold the pair for $90 shipped. The money was too good. Later times goes by, I started collecting GI Joe Retaliation figures and found the yellow/black Jinx. I went onto ebay to repurchased the SDCC version for her unmasked version again (just purchased the pair $98). Never go to do the simple custom head swap. Years later decided to sell the pair of Jinx figures MOC because they where just sitting there collecting dust. I found it stupid to had paid close to $100 for two 3.75″. Sold the both for $95 shipped. Somewhere down the road… years after, I decided I want more lady Joe figures, and turn to Ebay and purchased them back into my procession for $100. LoL Here we are June 18, 2018… I owned them for the 3rd time haha
    • Matt from the U.K.: As a collector for over 40 years I have never had so much fun than building my Greedo Shrine? We all have our fan favourites but if you could collect and display only 1 character who would it be? I would love to know what the display would look like too. A whole room, a cabinet amaze us with your ideas. What figures, statues, artwork, vintage pieces, cereal boxes, plushy toys etc would you want in it? Keep up the great work it’s appreciated, Matt from the U.K.
  9. Grab Bag (80 min.)

  10. Peace (90 min.)