Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 147 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. G.I. Joe (10 min.)

  3. Star Wars (15 min.)

    • Panel pics, Diorama
    • Gave a kid a Sail Barge in the panel!
    • New Large playsets (a new sturdy cardboard type material)
    • 6” Ezra has a triple jointed neck
    • Chopper to come with blast effect
    • Battle Damaged Phasma is going to Disney
    • Bespin Escape Leia at Target
    • Zuckuss at Disney November 1st
    • BS Archive – Each year, 4-8 figures, special box (Boba, IG-88, Bossk, Pilot Luke)
    • Legacy Tie at Walmart
    • Reissue TVC Scarif Trooper, Praetorion Guard, Revan, Stormtrooper (5 poa head, Rogue One)
    • New Solo Lando, Death Star Gunner,
    • Less waves more new figures per wave in 2019
    • More reveals at NYCC, Unboxing (Mexico), FanExpo (Canada)
    • More Clone Wars coming
    • Adam Pawlus Plug at the end 😊
  4. Transformers (35 min.)

  5. MOTU (65 min.)

    • Mondo pics, Mattel pics, Snake Mountain pics, Filmation pics
    • Mondo’s Pre-Order August (He-Man) and September (Sekeltor) for release Q1, then each Quarter after that $160
    • Faker and Merman revealed and gorgeous
    • They are ahead of schedule on Classics, reveals most likely at Power-Con
    • Holding true to not revealing until 3 months out from now on
    • 5.5 will have extra stock unlike Classics/Filmation
    • Retail partner pulled out
    • Snake Mt about the same size
    • Will reveal order process (Kickstarter-style) and price Sept and Oct
    • Los Amos ReActions are an homage to mini-comic with botched colors
    • Vintage 5.5 possible
    • A lot of options with the She-Ra buck
    • Monster High crossover with MOTU possible
  6. Miscellaneous (85 min.)

    • All pics
    • More 6” Turtles coming (shown: 8-bit Slash, Leatherneck, Rock Warriors)
    • Elf, Ace Ventura, Golden Girls, and Karate Kid dolls
    • New Penny Wise, Nightmare, Halloween, Friday the 13th (Roy), Chucky
    • Kenner Terminator, Edward Furlong
    • Fugitive Predator, Assassin Predator (11”)
    • Atomic Blast Shin Godzilla, ’54 Movie Poster Godzilla
    • NECA at Target (Trend Section, 1st week of August)
    • Mongo Mondoids, MadBalls with bases (JP, Alien, Jason, Marvel, etc.) $20
    • Mattel 6” JP figures (Ian, Chris Pratt, Blue)
    • Brachisaur
    • Mego Returns
    • Mezco
  7. Peace (120 min.)