Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 149 Show Notes

  1. Introduction

  2. Con News (10 min.)

  3. Toy News (20 min.)

  4. 3rd Party (30 min.)

  5. Store Report (40 min.)

  6. Online (50 min.)

  7. What We Got (60 min.)

    • Vern
    • Lotus
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions (70 min.)

    • Kass in Marion, IL: Hello guys. First I wanted to say thanks for the great podcast! It helps me pass the time at work. I came across an article online about a proposed G.I. Joe black series. I would love a 6 inch black series but I know there are probably many 3.75 fans that would have nothing to do with a 6 inch line. But with G.I. Joe it seems Hasbro is staying mostly staying away from this line. I saw some 50th anniversary figures on BBTS but that’s about it. Do you guys think that we could see a new Joe line from Hasbro lab or Kickstarter? Would this be an idea Joe fans would support? I for one would support this line as much as I’ve supported the Star Wars black series.
  9. Grab Bag (80 min.)

  10. Peace (90 min.)