Episode 161 Show Notes

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  1. Introduction

  2. Con News (15 min.)

  3. Toy News (25 min.)

  4. 3rd Party (60 min.)

  5. Store Report (65 min.)

  6. Online (65 min.)

  7. What We Got (80 min.)

    • Vern
    • Lotus
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions (95 min.)

    • Engineernerd – VM 1 and VM 2 – Hey guys, this is John. Engineering out here. Like I just didn’t keep came out of a parking lot that that was weird. Yeah, that’s right. I’m driving and talking to you guys. So if I get killed, it’s your fault. Anyway, like I said, this is John engineering notes here, and I had a question because I thought of this is I was listening episode this morning with especially here in kir. I really want to hear Peter steak on this with Hasbro buying Power Rangers. Do you think we’re going to see them cross the Transformers Power Rangers line, you know, they’ve got some Star Wars matchups and some other matchups, obviously. Everybody wants to be a joke, but do you think that will see the Zords cross over into the Transformers line and some kind of big combiner? So just curious. Let’s talk to you guys soon. Bye. AND Oh, and hey Seurat was the point isn’t painter.
  9. Grab Bag (105 min.)

  10. Peace (120 min.)


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