Episode 184 Show Notes

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  1. Introduction

  2. Con News (10 min.)

  3. Toy News (20 min.)

  4. 3rd Party (30 min.)

  5. Store Report (40 min.)

  6. Online (50 min.)

    • Limited Run Games
    • Snake Eyes Shipping
    • Lego Helmets
    • Zeta Unicron
    • Echo Base Pops
    • Tunghori Still A Great Loose Source
    • Hot Toys Mando and Child
    • Super7 Shipping Update:

      Our top priority is always delivering you the best customer service and getting you updates as soon as we have them. We could not be more excited to deliver to you the high quality, fan favorite ULTIMATES and unique, made-to-order releases you’ve ordered. Likely you are aware though of the real impact the coronavirus is having all over the world right now.

      Unfortunately, as with every other company in the toy industry, Super7 is also being affected by these events. Global shipping and supply chains have been disrupted due to the virus and this is causing delays in our production and deliveries.

      While all of our factories are back up and running, though many at only partial capacity, they have been unable to provide revised ship-dates for many of our pre-orders.

      Several of these like Toxic Avenger, Conan the Barbarian, and Ren & Stimpy are paused at 95% complete without a clear end date (yet). Snake Mountain is also nearly complete, but after the Chinese New Year and Coronavirus delays, we are waiting for the final sample to begin production. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wave 1 is also awaiting final samples, while New Japan Pro Wrestling Wave 1 and Thundercats Wave 1 are still in the sampling process.

      In the last few weeks as production has started again in our factories, we expect all of these projects to move to completion fairly quickly, but the exact timing of each factory is still a bit fluid.

      We will keep you updated as we receive real answers and timelines for each project as we know them.

      Thank you for your patience. You will receive more updates soon with specific details on your order, including sharing the latest and newest pics of your preorder!

  7. What We Got (60 min.)

    • Lotus
    • Rock
    • Slick
  8. Listener Feedback and Questions (70 min.)

    • Engineernerd – 1. When is Lotus going to start collecting Lego? 2. If you had to pick one scale for the 4 Franchises to be made at across the board in a shared universe, what would it be?
  9. Grab Bag (80 min.)

  10. Peace (90 min.)


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