Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 066: It’s gonna be a good life…

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Of course you have. How about for a few weeks? That’s how long this post’s namesake has been stuck in mine. Almost every moment of silence has been filled with “It’s gonna be a good life, a good good life.” The funny thing is I don’t know if that’s how I feel or if I’m trying to convince myself. It’s been a ridiculously stressful January. Not only are we doing our whole first of the year cleansing thing (i.e. no sugar, no fast food, no smoking, no booze, no buying toys, no fun), work has been hell. On top of that I have the standard whirlwind of doubts, concerns and excitement concerning my most anticipated package ever.

One thing still makes everything right in the world, talking toys. Even though I can’t buy any right now, I still love following all the updates. While we haven’t actually talked news in over 2 months we were able to keep the cast to just under two and a half hours. During the show we discuss the onslaught of con news, recent MOTUC happenings, new Transformers toys, the collector clubs’ upcoming exclusives and some of the best 3rd party products we’ve seen in a while. As you can imagine we picked up quite a few new toys over the holidays. Finally we give our thoughts on the Travel Channel’s Toy Hunters.

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It is going to be a good life…Slick

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6 Comments on "Open Your Toys Cast - Episode 066: It’s gonna be a good life…"

  1. Slick McFavorite
    25/01/2012 at 8:50 pm Permalink

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your take on my question. Answer makes a good deal of sense. I grab a little down time when I can, but normally I’m busy during the day except lunch time.

    It’s really great to hear you guys again!

  2. Slick McFavorite
    Slick McFavorite
    26/01/2012 at 3:25 am Permalink

    Thanks so much man. Anyone with a good work ethic should always be busy.

  3. Slick McFavorite
    31/01/2012 at 8:52 am Permalink

    Hey Guys,
    Awesome podcast as always.

    You know.. I was thinking about the George Lucas Retiring thing.. And really what’s the point? I mean what does it really mean?

    He’s still going to get royalties off all star wars stuff, he’s still going to get royalties off anything that lucasfilms works on.
    So retiring when your famous at least to me doesn’t seem to mean anything.

    I don’t mind the prequels too much (though I have almost no love for phantom menace). I don’t care if he tweaks episodes 1-3, but at this point I think 4-6 should just be left alone. Maybe he’ll retire from changing the original trilogy.

  4. Slick McFavorite
    Slick McFavorite
    02/02/2012 at 1:59 am Permalink

    I think It just means he doesn’t want to answer to anybody. He has said he will still do indie films, but doesn’t want to do anymore studio produced movies. It must be some big ego fuck to him to be so damn rich and still have to answer to somebody(ies) at least some of the time.

    In regard to the films, I just see each trilogy as different entities. 4-6 are my Star Wars. 1-3 are a different generation’s Star Wars and Clone Wars is for the kids of today. I just want the versions I saw in theaters. He’ll bow down to the almighty dollar eventually. The sad thing is I would buy a whole other boxset, just to get those.

    Thanks for your review of the Xtransbot Powerglide. I placed one last order with Kotoys and they shorted me that, the “diaclone” Ultra Magnus cab and the Henkei Wildrider. Haven’t heard back from them in a month. Getting to the point where it’s time for a fraud claim with my CC company. The review helped me feel a little less pissed about not getting mine.

    I agree, the pegging in or lack there of is a huge issue. I picked up the iGear Seaspray and LOVE him, with the one exception. His Arms don’t peg in his alt mode. That’s almost the only thing keeping him from being perfect.

    Thanks again for listen. Loving your reviews.


  5. Slick McFavorite
    09/02/2012 at 12:34 pm Permalink

    Nice show y’all! I feel kinda bad for lucas. He gave my childhood so much joy with SW and IJ, revolutionized special effects and sound, ushered in the era of big budget sci-fi, and tangently changed toys as well. Then the prequels hit and us geeks spend the rest of time making him a whipping boy and punchline. Nerds dissapoint me with how mean and vicous they are :( any way, he’ll be back I bet!
    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new TF reveals, looks like 2012 may be one of the best in a LONG time! And the GIJoe and Avengers line look good too.
    Viva OYT!

  6. Slick McFavorite
    Slick McFavorite
    11/02/2012 at 4:09 pm Permalink

    I agree in regard to Lucas. We tend to forget that while is one of the richest men we pay any attention to on a regular basis, he still is a person. He’s has emotions. The Red Letter Media reviews make me feel a little less sorry for him.

    Amazing storyteller? Yes. Good director? Hell no. I think he had passion during ANH. Once he got to the prequels, I feel like he thought he could do no wrong since Star Wars was so popular. He should have listened to the people around him.

    New show is uploaded. Post should be up in two hours.

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