NOTE: This podcast was recorded over a week and a half ago. Due to our Valentine’s Weekend Extravaganza and one hell of a week it’s a little late. Our sincerest apologies. Look for a new cast next week as we discuss the aftermath of Toy Fair.

Well it’s a great time to be a collector or even just a fan of the franchises. We’ve got new toys showing up in the stores. Amazing pre-orders online and Toy Fair was last weekend. This is on top of new movies, Clone Wars seems to be getting better and Fanboys was just released to more cities, including the Mile High City. YAY!.

On this week’s show we are back to our old tricks and by old tricks I mean drinking more than we probably should. This becomes evident at about the one hour mark. We blame this for being our longest show ever coming in at about 2 hours and 20 minutes. During which we talk about the disappointment that is the U.K. Toy Fair, the new Star Wars Q&A, spoil some new G.I. Joe: ROC characters and that’s just our first four news stories. Other highlights include: Fallen toy revealed,  stupid price increases, G.I. Joe Hall of Fame figures, a new Jabba, Open Your Toys gets twitterific, oh yeah, rambling, lots and lots of rambling.

Well I think we got the sound issues worked out. But we introduced another, lets call it an opportunity, to make the show better. While it was great actually being able to look at one another, I realized I do the show notes in way that is only useful to me. We’ll be introducing some more improvements over the next few shows, so stay tuned.

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I love lamp and by lamp, I mean booze…Slick