Okay, now it’s getting recockulous. It seems we cannot do a show that is less than an hour and a half. Let alone get this runaway talk train under an hour. Mrs. McFavorite has also proclaimed that we are no longer allowed to record during the week. Combining working out, eating dinner, a little drinking, then spending a few hours recording, makes for a slightly grumpy Mrs. McFavorite. Add on a crash like with Grab Bag this week, and BOOM, only recording on the weekends. Will this make us more regimented or will we succumb to the draw of movies, TV, gaming and the plethora of other distractions that weekends were made for? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of McFavorite, we yap about the last Botcon figure, ThunderClash, SW questions and answers, even more Animated, and is that ROC: Cobra Commander? Really? Really? The Masters of the Universe Classics are flying off the virtual pegs. Lastly I actually physically drool over another man’s junk. That’s right, I’m comfortable with toyuality.

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Peer pressure will be with us, always…Slick