Life is funny. Everything seems like it’s going great, but sometimes that is just your comfort level setting in. You get comfortable with the norm. The pedestrian is good enough. Then you wake up one day and you want more. This can happen with your job, relationships, but worse yet, this can happen with life in general. You just follow the path of least resistance.

What the hell does this have to do with toys you ask? Collecting anything, not just toys, is one of those things that it is very easy to find a comfort level with. Whether it’s the little rules we use to govern our collecting or just the routine itself. It’s something that can just become habit and not really produce the satisfaction that you hope it would. Well, I want more. Not necessarily more toys, but more satisfaction from what I do in regard to the hobby I love. It might be customizing, producing original artwork or even just selling some of my toys for new toys. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. However, when I do you will be the first to know.

As with my last post, enough with the whining, we got toys to talk about. While we seem to have less news, we spend just as much time talking about it. There is a lot of Transformers news especially from Japan. Unfortunately, the Transformers Q and A doesn’t produce much (as usual). However the bi-weekly Matty Q and A kind of does. Can you say Castle Grayskull? No, it’s not a confirmation, but you better start saving your pennies. Do you need anything Hasbro? The best sale in a very long time is happening right now. What are you waiting for go buy yourself a Christmas present or ten.

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P.S. Thanks for your patience with the list. Everybody that has requested it will have it by the end of the weekend.