We did. Wow, did we. Unfortunately there’s something a little sad about the end of summer. I’m sure it stems from childhood and the almighty 3 month sabbatical we always looked forward to. But, even in adulthood I get the same feeling. I think with the coming of warm weather in the spring, especially in places where the seasons are distinct, comes the feeling of a new start. Plans are made, sometimes fulfilled, but all too often broken. Whether those plans are to meet up with loved ones, clean out your garage or loose that 10 pounds, depending on your percentage of did versus did not, that last day can bring a nagging sense of failure. I just always try to focus on what I did do and remember every day of my life is a chance at a new start.

All right, I think that first paragraph is getting a little too flowery when it should be more toyy. Not quite sure how it evolved into a SNL “Deep Thoughts”ish rant without a punch line. And now, TOYS. With exclusives Runamuck, Runabout, Footloose and the upcoming Joe sub it’s a great time to be a member of the Collector Clubs. Is Amazon really opening a toy only site? HELL to the YES! Hasbro is going to make us a new figure. You just have to tell them which one. There’s some new stuff on pegs, shelves and that Web thing. More importantly, don’t forget to enter our 3rd Annual Swagaway. Just let us know your favorite thing from Comic-Con 2011 before October 1st.

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