While we only touch on it briefly, the whole Intellectual Property thing is blowing up as of late. First Fun Publications started with 3rd party toys by simply calling attention to a clause in their dealer room table contract that has been there for years. It’s actually in most cons’ contracts. However, this year supposedly it WILL be enforced. We speculated what this could mean for Artists Alley. Sure enough, reports have begun coming in that non-licensed art will not be allowed either. Really? As everyone’s favorite Joe cast would say, “com’on man”. Only time will tell what kind of effect this will have on not only Botcon, but Joecon as well.

As usual we talk a bunch of toys, but instead of highlighting a few of them with this post, I really wanted to focus on what has me most excited right now, Attack on Cobra Island. What’s Attack on Cobra Island you say? It’s an amazing old school 16 bit side scrolling G.I. Joe brawler. It is literally the game that every red blooded 80s G.I. Joe fan should’ve wanted back in the day. In just a few minutes of playing you can easily tell that it is a labor of love. IP infringing, fangasming love. While I roll with a pretty loose set of ethics when it comes to IP and the fandom, I believe especially not-for-profit projects like this need to be celebrated. Huge thanks to Justin over at General’s Joes for posting about this.

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