I am about talked the hell out. If you didn’t know this is the first time we’ve actually had a booth at a con . Denver Comic Con was absolutely amazing and far exceeded our expectations for its inaugural year. Our table was located in Podcast Peak. It was us and a whopping one other podcast, Reel Nerds . They were great guys (and lady) and do a great show. They’re primarily movie based, but span all of geekdom. The movie episodes are awesome because they do a spoiler free review, then play the trailer and from then on all bets are off. We also met Josh and John of the Points of Interest Podcast Network . I’m already digging their Geek Speakeasy and Staying Off Topic casts.

We didn’t get to speak a lot toys, at least not with a lot hardcore collectors, but we did talk to a ridiculous amount of people. As usual, we get plenty of toy talk in during the show which was recorded in its entirety at the con. In Masters news, we’re getting a great quarterly variant in one of my favorite vintage toys, Dragon Blaster Skeletor . While we’re in a holding pattern with Joe for the next 7-8 months, we got an amazing Joe compatible product in Marauder "Gun-Runners" Series 6 . In the "coolest thing I’ve seen in a while" category is this Star Wars Lego hologram display . My favorite news of the show? Masterpiece Soundwave with a MP Laserbeak and his other minions are not only confirmed, but displayed. While the uncharismatic bore is a pretty simple Masterpiece relatively, the Laserbeak is amazing. His guns actually fold in on his cassette mode. I CANNOT wait for this, no pun intended, masterpiece.

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