Timely as usual. Here’s our Toy Fair coverage only a few weeks after the fact. You’ve heard everyone else chime in. You may have even heard some of our thoughts on Dave and Devall’s show, but now hear our opinions unedited, unmoderated and on our own show. This is one my favorite shows of the year. As usual we had some amazing announcements this year.

Mattel prematurely blew their load involuntarily and in those leaks was one of my favorite things from show. It is perhaps one of my favorite figures from the entire line in his best homage yet. While most of the G.I. Joe toys had already been shown, we did get this treat. No matter how many versions of this figure we see, every time he just gets better and better. Transformers had my best of show yet again. No it wasn’t the largest Transformer to date; it was one of my favorite characters from the ‘86 movie. Finally Hasbro rocked the community with its announcement of a new Star Wars 6″ line. Black Series is possibly the “crossover” that may save the Star Wars line. Only time will tell.

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