Wow, just WOW! That was our initial reaction as we approached the Denver Convention Center on Friday for our first taste of the 2nd annual Denver Comic Con. As we neared the entrance I overheard a door person explaining that this was the beginning of the line and that the end of the line wrapped around block. The most shocking thing was he stated it would be shorter to go the opposite direction to get to the end of the line. It was at that moment I knew we were in for an AMAZING show.

Lines are just a fact of con life. As we always say, it’s the best opportunity to meet you’re next best friend. We’re all there to enjoy things and odds are you’ll have at least a few of those things in common. Speaking of we, there were a whole lotta we’s, in fact there were approximately 61,000 we’s. That’s over 4 times more people than last year and last year was mind blowing for an inaugural show. The best thing is the entire con ran incredibly smooth, aside from maybe the line to get in. The staff was great, lines were efficient and we seldom heard a discouraging word from attendees. Not all of these things can be said for a majority of the cons we have covered. We’re already excited for next year. Only 11 months to go.

Check out all the pics over on our Flickr page. While you’re there check out last year’s too. If you want to hear even more about the show check out my guest appearance on our homie cast, StayingOffTopic, part of the Points of Interest podcast network. Also, make sure to hang around until the end of our cast. We have a very special contest and there may be a hidden track or two (remember those?).

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Until we con again…Slick