For some of us the future seems dim, for some of us it seems brighter than ever. For some this is the start of a new era, for some this is a start of a Brave New World. No matter where you fall, just understand everything is cyclical. Our world has a way of correcting itself, whether that’s what you feel is happening now or you’re hoping that will happen in the future. The main thing to remember is that no matter your outlook, the most important thing is to understand we all want the same thing, happiness. The greatest thing is happiness is relative. Whether you are the richest of the rich or the poorest of poor, you feel the same level of happiness. It may not stem from the same events or even happen at the same intervals, but subconsciously whether someone gives you a $20 at a stoplight or you make a billion dollar deal you can feel the same peak of happiness. It is all relative to your past experiences, so it registers at the same peak. Just remember to celebrate your level, sometimes it’s all we have.

As toy collectors, it seems we always want more, but again it is relative. Depending on your point of view this show may have the least amount of news ever or the most amount of hosting ever. We muse about the outgoing Matty Collector administration. We discuss the new Boss Fight Studio wave as the trend of smaller collector-focused companies taking over for larger conglomerates continues. However, no matter what anyone says, Hasbro is still trying to make Transformers great again with their new Titans Return Kup. In our saddest news possibly ever, we say goodbye to our princess.

May the force be with us all…Slick

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