It’s been so long since we recorded this show, I can literally not remember what we talked about. However, I own that and I’m actually not too worried about it. Life happens and there are things that are so much more important. Things like health and happiness. These are things people take for granted until they don’t have them anymore. If you don’t have them, own it. Own the reason why you don’t have them. Sometimes there are factors outside of your control that contribute to why you don’t have them. Whether that is the case or not, own the solution. It’s real easy to say that’s just the way things are. You need to own those things start to finish and more importantly give them the weight in your life they deserve. In the end, only you can ensure you have both.

Sometimes it’s pretty easy to get an action figure you want. Take the timely second run of Kultur/Tarn. Sometimes there are ones that are going to be impossible to get. Take the wave 11 single-packed TBS 6 inch Royal Guard. Then there are things like the Super7 Ultimates. They were super easy to get during the pre-order, but will impossible to get when they’re released. Finally, there are things nobody should want to get, take the Rise of Cobra props currently being auctioned.

Own the important things…Slick

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